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We usually try to have a yard sale every fall, but last year we decided to skip it and wait until spring, since Bellamy Blue would be done with more of the baby stuff. Today was our yard sale day, and we were hoping to declutter our home a little. For the past month, we have been preparing for the yard sale, by tackling different sorting projects around the house. We were debating whether to participate in the school’s yard sale next week, but it costs $20 for a spot, and I would not be able to keep track of the four kids, plus we’d have to bring the items forth and back. We ended up deciding to have the yard sale today, but then the weather forecast began to seem unsteady.


Yard Sale tips


From past experience, I’ve learned that yard sale shoppers start early, so this year we started at 7:30 am and we began packing up at 11:30. We did not sell everything that we were hoping for, but we sure did sell a lot, and it was a lot of things that I really did not want back in the house. We sold clothing at $0.25, and that was really a price that kept people shopping and not even trying to get discuss the price. We’ve already consigned what we could, and what didn’t get sold will be donated. We got rid of almost all of the boys and women’s clothing, and most of the boys clothing had been through all three boys or at least through two first. We also sold boys shoes that had been through 1 –  2 boys, and the women’s clothing were all basic brands that could not be consigned.

We ended up earning $73 and change, and I consider that pretty good for a four hour morning. and the rain even stayed away until we got the remains back in


While we are not yard sale experts, we do have a few yard sale tips that works for us.


Yard Sale Tips:

  • Signage is essential – use colorful signs on entry ways into your neighborhood.
  • Use balloons with your signs – not only does it help visibility, but it also shows potential customers that it is in fact a yard sale from this week.
  • Advertise your yard sale on Craigslist the afternoon before, and then on the morning of your yard sale.
  • Once you have gotten everything set up, take a photo and add it to your Craigslist post, this makes it easier to spot in between the once without an image.
  • Save cardboard boxes in the month or two before the sale, these can be used as sale stations, to keep things organized and for signs.
  • Buy cheap colorful signage paper and yard sale stickers at Dollar Tree
  • Before you price your item determine your bottom price, and decide when you’d rather bring the item into your house again.
  • Start out with $20 in change
  • Price everything! Sure you’re going to get people asking to pay less, but they are more likely to pick up an item and consider it if there’s a price on to begin with.
  • Get things off the ground, set up tables, cover a pair of storage bins with a table cloth, use chairs, and put up a pair of chairs with a broomstick to display nice pieces clothing on hangers.
  • Sort clothing and determine one price for all clothing, it makes it easier to sell. I’ve sold clothing for $0.25 – $1 a piece, but it really depends on your area.
  • Stay organized, that way the shoppers can see what you’re selling.
  • Set some of your key items out by the street, so that people can see them when they pull up.
  • Don’t hover. Think about how you feel, when you’re in a store, and a store representative is hovering over you.
  • Start early! The busiest yard sale time seems to be between 7:30 and 9:30 down here in South Florida.
  • Tell your neighbors about your yard sale, urge them to set up shop too. The more the merrier.


Bigger items sell better over Craigslist, and we will likely sell some of our bigger items that way. We’ve sold some pieces on Craiglist already, and for the yard sale we really just wanted to get rid of some knick knacks and the well-worn clothing that we could not consign.

I’ll admit it, hosting a yard sale is not my favorite thing to do, but sometimes frugal living demands that you do something you might not otherwise do. Hosting annual yard sales goes in that category for me, what about you. Do you like to host yard sales?


Do you ever host yard sales? Do you have any yard sale tips to add?

  3 Responses to “Frugal Living: Yard Sale Tips”

  1. Consider selling certain items on different outlets instead of in your yard sale. In other words, prior to selling quality items at a yard sale, consider selling your items back to Amazon or selling in your local classifieds, etc. (furniture, name-brand items, higher quality). In general, selling your items at a yard sale will give you the least return so if you can find other venues to sell at first you’ll probably earn more for those items.

  2. Thanks for these yard sale tips! I will be having a Yard Sale this Spring or Summer, and know that it will be a lot of work. But I have some nice things to sell. I am glad to hear that you sold a lot of items.

  3. Thanks for the tips. If you can’t have a yard sale in your front yard, there are a lot of yard sale sites on Facebook that are a great way to sell your items. Do a search for your area and see if you can find one. Just be sure to meet people in a public place, I recommend store parking lots where there are lots of people around.

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