Feb 062015

Oh boy did we have quite the afternoon. Our minivan broke down just as we left the Publix parking lot, and there were kids to pick up. Thankfully a good friend stepped in to pick up our oldest son from school, and when it was discovered that the car part had to be special ordered, the mechanic drove us home. Still, we’re home…yeah!


I did not have many coupons with me today, which did not feel very good, but I still managed to save quite a bit. The Capri Sun juice said $1.89 on the shelf, but they rang up as $2 each (Which is the correct price), and when I brought it to the attention of the customer service, they gave me one Capri sun free plus sold the rest at $1.89, so it came out to an even better deal than the just buy 3 get $2 off deal. This was a good reminder,why I always check my receipt.

We have a birthday party coming up, so I bought plenty of juice and cookies for that purpose.

Publix Capri Sun Deal

Our Publix Deals:

6 x Capri Sun Super V or 100 percent juice on sale at $2 = $12 (price adjusted to $11.34 because of  advertisement in store) = $11.34 – (2 x $2 off automatic discount wyb 3 Capri Sun Super V or 100 percent juice) = $7.34 – ($1.89 Free Capri for the wrong price advertised) = $5.45 ($0.91 each)

Halo mandarins $6.99 – (0.50 Halo coupon) = $6.49

Lactose free milk $4.29

2 x Publix facial tissues @ $1.59 each

2 x Jamaican patties on BOGO sale at $2.99 ($1.50 each)

Grace Hot Pepper Sauce $1.69

Meyers Multi Purpose Cleaner $6.79

4 x Keebler cookies on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.49 = $6.98 – (4 x $1 Keebler cookie coupons = $2.98 ($0.75 each)

Zucchini Squash $2.52

Green beans $1.69



– $5 off $50 Publix coupon from ad in local mailer


Total $32.99

Total saved $31.36



You can always find our latest Publix deals sin the top navigation bar under DEALS.



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