Mar 262015

We made a quick stop at Target, before heading to ALDI for our weekly grocery shopping, simply because we wanted to pick up another stack of $0.80 Mom’s Best Cereal at Target, before the deal disappears. Our kids love Mom’s Best Cereal, and with all the boys being home to eat breakfast every day this week, it is disappearing quickly. The Mom’s Best Cereal is only on sale at $1 until March 28th, so you are running out of time, if you have not stocked up yet.


Whenever I am at Target, I always check to see if there are any meat coupons on their meats, and today I picked up two discounted family packs of chicken. I had a 5 percent off Target discount on the family packs of chicken too, which made it an even better deal.

Target meat coupon

Our Target Deals:

16 x Mom’s Best Cereals on sale at $1 each = $16 – (20 percent off Target Cartwheel discount) = $12.80 ($0.80 each)

12 x Market Pantry Family Packs (3.5 lbs) at $6.49 = $12.98 – (2 x $3 Target Meat coupons on packages and 5 percent off Target Market Pantry Chicken Cartwheel Discount) = $6.62 ($3.31 each)


Total out of pocket $20.22

Total saved $39

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