Mar 122015

Just as I got home from our last $10 JCPenney coupon shopping trip, I received another $10 JC Penney coupon in the mail. Thank you JCP! I will NEVER let a $10 of $10 JCPenney coupon expire, and so I made sure to plan our grocery shopping around the shopping trip, which was easy to do, since I was home with sick kids all week.

Do you get your $10 off $10 JC Penney coupons in your mailbox? If not, make sure to check out my post about how  to get $10 JC Penney coupons here.

We save big at JCPenney by combining clearance with coupons, and you can too. The key to saving big at JCPenney is to steer clear of regular priced clothing and head straight to the clearance racks. Even at the clearance racks, you need to keep a watchful eye, because sometimes sale prices are better than clearance. For it to be a good deal in my book, it needs to be at sale at more than 50 percent off, 50 percent off a lot simply isn’t good enough here in the Frugality Is Free family.

There were lots of jeans on clearance at JCPenney this week, and they had been marked down to $9.99. Last week they were still at $14.99. Since the $10 off $10 coupon only works on $10 or more, I put in a pair of white tights for Bellamy Blue. This means that I ended up paying $3 for a pair of jeans and a pair of tights.

$10 JCPenney Coupon Deals


My middle son will only wear jeans to school, but he is playing sports after school and he is one of those kids who want to win every game in PE, so he is very hard on his clothes. For this reason, I was hoping to find new jeans for him, which is very tricky, because he likes skinny or straight leg jeans and he is in between sizes. Size 8 is too short, but size 10 is too long. I’ve made an agreement with my son that he will only wear shorts on PE and sports days….or I will never buy him another pair of jeans again. Let’s see if it holds up…


$10 off $10 JC Penney Coupon Deals:

Arizona jeans for boys on JCPenney clearance at $9.99 (Original price $36)

Maidenform Girl White Cotton Tights on JCPenney clearance at $2.99 (Original price $9)


$10 off $10 JCPenney coupon

Tax $0.18

Total out of pocket $3.16

Total saved $44.54


You can always find our latest JCP coupon deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS, COUPONS and CLEARANCE.

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