Mar 032015

This morning I felt very discouraged after having to deal with an asthma attack in the middle of a bootcamp class, and it took all the energy out of me. I did a half mile run before class, but it did not feel right so I took asthma medication. Then I had to take it again during the class, and I could not even finish the class, which made me feel horrible.

Instead of running the second half mile, I walked a good two mile walk to Kohl’s with Bellamy Blue in the stroller, but it was a tough walk.

So, when I spotted these Adidas running shoes at Kohl’s it as just what I needed. I’ve been looking at new running shoes for a long time, because the ones I have are Skechers walking shoes. Good running shoes are expensive though, and with four kids there are always someone else who needs shoes more than I do. Whenever I do find a good clearance deal on running shoes, the shoes are NEVER in my size, so when I spotted the 7 1/2 I hit the jackpot. I just looked at Kohl’s online, and they actually do have more Adidas running shoes clearance going on.


Adidas climacool running shoes

While these Adidas running shoes are a bit more colorful than I usually go for, I simply could not pass on them at $26! I did not have any Kohl’s coupons, and me going into Kohl’s without Kohl’s coupons is completely unheard of. However, my sweet friend Cheryl at Simply Shoeboxes had sent me a $5 Kohl’s gift certificate that she could not use before it expired. I also did have a $10 Kohl’s gift certificate from Swagbucks, and while I had not planned on spending it until I got a good coupon, these running shoes were calling my name.

So after the gift certificates and Kohl’s clearance, I ended up paying $13 for a pair of brand new Adidas running shoes…not too shabby…

Kohl’s Clearance Deal:

Adidas Running Shoes on clearance at $26.99 (Original price $89.99)


– $5 Kohl’s reward certificate

– $10 Kohl’s gift certificate from Swagbucks


Tax $1.62

Total out of pocket $13.61

Total saved $81.78


You can always find our latest Kohl’s clearance deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS, COUPONS AND CLEARANCE.

  3 Responses to “$13 Adidas Running Shoes at Kohl’s”

  1. I’m Sorry to hear about your asthma attack! We love shopping at Kohls. I usually wind up finding better deals when I do it online.

  2. So excited whenever I see you able to get something special for yourself! Perfect timing after the day you had. I hope you get many miles of asthma free running from them.

  3. WOW! This is a very good deal on these cute Adidas running shoes! I will have to take a look and see what Kohl’s has on sale!

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