Mar 162015

50 percent off Dominos coupon

Are your kids on spring break yet? Our kids will be soon, and I am sure that they would like to have pizza night. This is why I’m thrilled about the 50 percent off Domino’s coupon sale that is going on right now. In fact Domino’s has seven days of half off all online prices from 3/16 – 3/22 – it does not get much better than that.

This means that a Domino’s Artisan pizza is only $3.99, a large cheese pizza is $5.99 and a large pepperoni pizza is $6.85.

We never order pizza unless we have a pizza coupon or special offer, and so we just love the Dominos coupons, as we have a Domino’s pizza place just down the street from us.


To get this great offer, simply log into your Domino’s account and add the Dominos coupon: 9413 on the coupon page.


Will you be ordering pizza during Domino’s 50 percent off sale? If so, what’s your favorite Domino’s pizza?


You can always find our latest Domino’s pizza coupons under Coupons in the top navigation bar.

  2 Responses to “HOT Deal: 50 Percent Off Dominos Coupon”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! Half price on a Domino’s Pizza is a great deal. It makes it actually less expensive than a frozen pizza, and much tastier.

    • Jennifer you are very welcome, I’m glad you can use it. I especially love the artisan pizzas, and at this price it is definitely a bargain.

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