Mar 262015

With the kids home on spring break, we went through all of our milk a few days ago. Thankfully we had some shelf-stable almond left from hurricane season that they could use until we made it to ALDI. We save more than $5 just on milk every week by shopping at ALDI, and with this savings we can splurge on berries and other goodies for the kids.

ALDI Groceries

Our ALDI Deals:

4 x ALDI Lactose Free Milk @ $2.79

1 gallon ALDI Skim Milk @ $2.89

ALDI Cream Cheese on sale at $0.89

ALDI String Cheese at $2.79

Iceberg Lettuce $1.29

Blackberries $1.69

Strawberries $1.39

4.43 lbs of Bananas @ $0.44/lb $1.91 – $0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51

2 x 1 lb Mini Sweet Peppers on sale at $1.19 each

Avocado $0.89

Cucumber $0.59

Honeydew Melon $1.99

Broccoli Crowns $1.69

2 x Baby Bella Mushrooms on sale at $0.99 each

Pure Vanilla 2 oz $1.99


Total out of pocket $35.53

Total saved $21.47

$0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51


You can always find our latest ALDI deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS.

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