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If you are a Frugality Is Free reader, I am sure you know just how much we love shopping consignment and how much we love shopping for free. Right now you can shop for free too – and we have $15 to give you. Even better yet, right you can get FREE shipping too. But hurry up, because this deal is about to expire…

Schoola sells second-hand hand clothes for kids, and they actually share some of the profits with schools from where the clothing was donated. Right now you can get FREE shipping at Schoola with any order, and you can even get $15 to shop for too.

Schoola sends the clothes much faster than other online consignment stores, and we have added several high-quality pieces to our four kids’ wardrobes thanks to the Schoola promotions. I’ve been finding some great deals on brand-name clothes for our boys at Schoola, which is great, because their next schools do not have school uniforms.

If you are a fan of ThredUp you will love Schoola too, but Schoola has a few extra steps for you to do in order to get your $15. See below for how you can get the most for your money at Schoola.


shop for free


How To Shop For Free at Schoola:

  1. Sign up for Schoola here and get $15 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually make a purchase we get $15 to shop for too)
  2. Then go to the Custom Collections and create your own Custom Collection to get a $10 Schoola credit. Make sure you’re signed in with the account you’ve just created, and add one item to your check out cart from the collection to get your credit. (You do not need to buy this item)
  3. Go select the sizes you need, the brands you want, and then click low to high prices in the top right corner. Schoola even has a new-with-tag section. Shop for your $25 Schoola credit.
  4. In the sidebar you can choose the tab condition and just choose “new”, “good” and “perfect” for the best pieces of clothing.
  5. Use BACK2SCHOOLA20 to get 20 percent off, *Get $10 off $50 with code TENOFF or get $20 off $75 with code TWENTYOFF
  6. For a limited time! Get FREE shipping on orders of $25+.
  7. If your total is less than your Schoola credit, you will have to add your credit information, if it is more than your credit amount you can pay with Paypal or debit/credit.
  8. Tell your friends about this deal, and get $15 if they decided to shop for their $25 Schoola credit too!






This is how we did it!

I first purchased this Circo pool cover up for our daughter. It was listed at $2.80, but I got an extra 25 percent off discount, because it was my first purchase and I made the purchase within 25 minutes. This means that I paid $2.10 and got free shipping!


Circo pool cover up



Now, as soon as I got to the confirmation page after making the above purchase, I received $15 in my Schoola account.

I then went back in and selected the three dresses below. Although the clothing starts around $2.80, I decided to pick three more expensive items including a new with tag dress. After the $15 from Schoola, I ended up paying $0.52 for all three dresses.




free dresses


Schoola Checkout



What would you pick at Schoola for your $15?

  30 Responses to “Get $15 To Shop For + FREE Shipping at Schoola”

  1. I have a grandson that will be starting school in August. I would let him help me pick something out that he likes and purchase it for him.

  2. I would definitely get the Circo pool cover up for my daughter. She gets so cold after she has been swimming, and this would be perfect to keep her warm!

  3. With my $15 I would purchase some school uniform pieces for my son like the Polo Sweater (green) for $10.00 or some boys shorts for under $5.00. This seems like a good option for parents that are on a budget and don’t want to drive around to different stores with kids. Also cool that schools can get 40% back.

  4. I love the little sundress for my granddaughter

  5. Since the offer for free shipping is going on, I would use the $15.00 offer. This would buy several pairs of shorts, and a shirt. The selection is good right now.

  6. I would get my niece a nice Sundress and a Spring Jacket! They have really nice items at this site and I can not believe the great deals!

  7. I do not have small children or any grandchildren, so I will pass this offer to a friend of my son’s who has a little girl, this would save her a lot of money 🙂

  8. I purchased a jacket from Schoola and was very pleased. It was during a special promotion so both the jacket and the shipping were free!

  9. What a good deal. I would get my grandson some shorts for summer.

  10. I don’t have any children but I know they grow so fast so this is a great place for parents to save on clothing!


  12. For my $15, I would definitely get the Circo pool cover up for my daughter. She gets so cold after she has been swimming, and this would be perfect to keep her warm!

  13. If I had $15 to spend at this site, I would give it to my daughter in law. My grandson is growing so quickly and she can purchase some cute things for him at this store.

  14. I would buy some shorts for my little cutie. I have seen this site, just never used it.

  15. I would buy all sorts of summer clothes for y nephew if I won this giveaway.

  16. I would have to choose an outfit for my adorable little nephew who will be starting Kindergarten this Fall!

  17. The jackets are really cute I would pick out a Spring Jacket for my niece. The styles and colors are so cute would love to get this for her.

  18. Today I am taking my 4 year old grandson for a visit to his kindergarten class for an introduction. I will be checking out what the kids are wearing as I’ve been away from this for a wile. I tend to pick polo shirts or button downs that have a roll up sleeve but he likes t-shirts with any type of vehicle on them including tractors

  19. These clothes are really cute. I love picking out clothes for kids. There is so much to choice from.

  20. I got a jacket for our granddaughter. I have found with Schoola that many of their items have flaws so you need to shop very carefully. They do note which items are flawed, so that is helpful.

    • Nancy, did you know that you can choose the conditions you want to look for in the sidebar. I usually only check the “good”, “new” and “perfect” condition pieces, this eliminates all the stained and blemished pieces.

  21. My Niece is always in need of school clothes and my Husband and I try to help out because the family is financially strapped, this sounds great !!!

  22. Really some great deals it seems here. I need to check into this site more and have my kids with me to find things they would like

  23. I like the Loft dress – it’s twenty dollars. Thanks for introducing me to this company they have a lot of great clothes for great prices.

  24. I love the jackets and would get one for my granddaughter

  25. To get $15 dollars off and free shipping is a wonderful deal. The children’s clothes look really nice. I think I just might so some back to school shopping here.

  26. I would get some jeans and a shirt of all of the things available for my nephew.

  27. If I had $15 to spend at school- I’d start by buying Boys’ Nike shorts size 10. Today there is a good selection. My boys seem to gravitate towards this name brand.

  28. I would probably get a spring/fall jacket for my daughter for back to school if I had $15 to spend.

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