Mar 132015

Oh my what a busy morning, and I actually got some shopping done yesterday and today. I did not make it in under budget this week, did you?

The first part of the week I stayed home with two sick kids including a sick little Bellamy Blue, who wants to be in her mom’s arms day and night, when she is sick. This meant that shopping had to be cramped into Thursday and Friday, because I prefer to have shopping free weekends with the kids.

How did you do this week? Have you been getting the $10 off $10 JCPenney coupons?



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Feel free to share your Friday finals at the Weekly Savings Linky below. How did you do?

Weekly Savings Linky

Check out our Weekly Savings Deals


Check out our Publix Deals

Publix Bogo deals

Check out our Publix BOGO deals here

I spent $45.27 at Publix

I saved $94.30 at Publix


Check out our ALDI Deals

ALDI Shopping

Check out our ALDI deals here

I spent $41.75 at ALDI

I saved $14 at ALDI

Check out our Target Deals

Target dance and gymnastic clothes clearance bear naked granola sale at Target

Check out our Target clearance deals here

Check out our Target grocery deals here

I spent $31.35 Target

I saved $69.46 at Target

Check out our JCPenney Deals

$10 JCPenney Coupon Deals

Check out our $10 JCPenney coupon deals here

I spent $3.16 at JCP

I saved $44.54 at JCP




The Frugality Is Free Family’s Weekly Totals


Weekly Grocery Spendings for our Family of 6 $92.49

Weekly Grocery Savings for our Family of 6 $116.79

Clothing & Extras Spendings $29.04

Clothing & Extras Savings $105.51

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 6 $121.53

Weekly Savings For A Family of 6 $222.30


How did you do on your shopping this week? Did you find some great deals? Please feel free to share them below at the Weekly Savings Linky. You can also find a list of our favorite shopping linkies here.

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  2 Responses to “Share Your Friday Finals – We Spent $121 on $343 Worth of Clothes & Groceries”

  1. I am so jealous you are getting all of these $10 off $10 JCP coupons 🙁 lol great job this week!

    • Jenn, I’m a little surprised myself, but I’m certainly not going to complain about these fantastic coupons:)

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