$2 Bonnie Plants at the Home Depot Garden Sale

This morning we stopped by Home Depot to pick up a few Bonnie plants, which are on sale at $2 each this week. I picked up basil, rosemary and a sweet banana pepper plant, and we also picked up $2.50 mulch for our flower beds. The mulch is on sale today only at 4 for $10. We picked up seven hanging planters at $0.99 each last week at ALDI, and these have really brightened up our flower beds.

You can check out the daily Home Depot Garden Sale here.


Home Depot tomato sale

If you want to get started on your garden, this is definitely the time to get started, because two dollar plants is a great deal. Usually these plants cost up to $4 per pot.

Our garden is growing great, and we are able to pick a handful of grape and cherry tomatoes every day. We start our tomato plants from seeds though, so we just wanted a few specific plants.

In our small city garden e also have a bunch of small palm trees growing, and just yesterday I found a couple of bougainvillea seedlings that I planted. I also discovered that our sunflowers are coming up, and the boys are going to be thrilled to see that, since they planted the sun flower seeds.

Did you start your planting your garden yet? What will you be growing?

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2 Responses to $2 Bonnie Plants at the Home Depot Garden Sale

  1. Karen Glatt says:

    These are very good deals and I would love to get these and have them out in the yard growing! I love fresh herbs for my recipes, and these are great. I will have to stop by and get some.

  2. amana says:

    YES! I went 2 times this week to get some herbs from Home Depot. Those prices were amazing! I also picked up some marigolds to go around the tomato plants to help ward off the bugs.

    Happy planting!

    Matthew 6:33


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