Apr 162015

This week we just stocked up on the basics at ALDI, which for us means lots of veggies and a few packages of chicken. Chicken thighs are on sale at ALDI this week at $0.89/lb, which is quite a deal. We also found ALDI pizza on clearance at $1.99, so I picked up one for the boys.

 ALDI PizzaOur ALDI Deals:

ALDI Pizza $1.99

Pretzels $1.29

Fig bars $0.89

Oregano $0.99

Black beans $0.59

Mushrooms $1.29

5.54 lbs of bananas $2.44 – $0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51

Blackberries $1.59

2 x Strawberries @ $1.29

2 lbs Red Grapes $1.99

Iceberg Lettuce $1.29

Cucumber $0.59

Fuji Apples $2.89

Sweet Potatoes $1.99

Broccoli crowns $1.89

Honey Dew Melon $2.29

1 gallon skim milk

1/2 gallon lactose free milk $2.79

String Chee

Chicken drumsticks $3.56

Chicken Thighs $4.03


Total spent $44.23

Total Saved $25 compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores.

– $0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51



You can always find our latest ALDI deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS.

  2 Responses to “ALDI Pizza $1.99, Great Deal on Chicken & More”

  1. Aldi looks like a great store to shop in, and I like all the great deals you got. $1.99 for this big of a Pizza is amazing. These are great deals and the oregano is a terrific deal!

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