Apr 302015

It is free ice cream day at Carvel, and with four kids in the family free ice cream day is a great day to treat everyone to a cold treat.

Carvel free ice cream day

Today thursday April 30 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. you can get free ice cream at Carvel, so find your Carvel free ice cream store here. Carvel is kicking the free ice cream days up by giving us options, because today you can get a free junior cone filled with vanilla, chocolate or Nutella soft serve ice cream.

Amazingly, free ice cream days seem to have a way of correlating with my dad’s visit….and what a great way for Grandpa to treat the grandkids…without breaking the budget.

We even have a Carvel just down the street for us, and sure is a great treat after a hot and humid walk home from school here in the South Florida heat.



I’m pretty sure that my boys are going to go for the free Nutella ice cream cone. What about you? What free Carvel ice cream will you choose?

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  1. It is my Sister’s birthday and we are going out and this is awesome that we can get free ice cream today! We will be trying to get in on this today-I hope it is not too crowded!

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