Apr 102015

It was a busy morning today, but we still managed to make a quick stop at Publix. Publix sure had some great deals for vegetarians today, and we picked up free flat bread, spinach on BOGO and tofu on BOGO sale.

Our boys like to make their own sandwiches, but they have such different tastes, and so I try only to buy the Budding lunch meat, when it is on sale. These packages have enough for a few days, but there are no more in there than the kids can actually each, which means no waste. At $0.50 each, I made sure to pick up some for the freezer too.

I actually had a $5 off $50 Publix coupon from this week’s Publix ad preview that we received in our mailbox, but I did not make it over $50 before coupons. So, I decided to save the $5 off coupon, and use one of my $3 Publix coupon off $30 from Recyclebank instead. The once-in-a-while Publix coupons in the junk mail is enough for me to ALWAYS go through all junk mail.

Did you get the $5 Publix coupon?


Publix BOGO Sale

Our $3 Publix Coupon Deals:

4 x Flatout Flatbread on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.19 = $6.38 – (2 x BOGO Flatout Flatbread coupons
or 2 x BOGO Flatout Flatbread coupons) = FREE

2 x Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Bread on BOGO sale at 2 for $3.25 – ($0.55 Nature’s Own coupon) = $2.70 ($1.35 each)

2 x Organic Nasoya Tofu on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.99 ($1.50 each)

2 x Fresh Express Spinach on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.99 = $1.50 each

Green Beans $1.50

Zucchini $2.41

Serrano Peppers $0.16

Red Chili Pepper $0.28

Grace Hot Pepper Sauce $1.69

1 gallon Publix orange juice $4.99

Publix Baby Wipes $2.29 – $1 Winn Dixie Baby Wipe coupon from mailer = $1.29



$3 off $30 Publix coupon from Recyclebank

Total out of pocket $22.50

Total saved $38.68


You can always find our latest Publix deals sin the top navigation bar under DEALS.

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  1. Hello, I am member of recyclebank too but how I join the program for recycle to get publix coupons thanks .

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