Apr 172015

Today was a busy day, because I realized too late that our middle son’s honor’s ceremony was this morning. This meant that I went shopping around 7 am, after dropping off our two youngest sons at school, then got home with the groceries and ran to the school just in time for the ceremony.

I did not use many coupons this week, but Publix has some great BOGO deals even without coupons, and I had a $5 off $50 Publix coupon from a local ad mailer to use as well.

I also picked up two free Redbox movies with the movie code SHOPS (send a text with SHOPS to 727272), and I have a big movie night planned tonight to celebrate a whole bunch of fantastic grades that came in this week.


Publix Deals


Publix BOGO Deals:

6 x Publix Fruit Salad at about $3.32 each on BOGO sale $9.96 ($1.66 each)

4 x Hunt Ketchup on BOGO sale at 2 for $1.89 = $3.78 ($0.94 each)

4 x Tofuyan Wraps on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.19 = $4.38 ($1.09 each)

6 x Skippy Peanut Butter on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.99 = $8.97 – (6 x $0.55 Skippy Coupons) = $5.67 ($0.95 each)

6 x Scotties Facial Tissue on BOGO sale at 2 for $1.25 = $3.75 – (2 x $1/3 Scotties coupons) = $1.75 ($0.29 each)

Publix Orange Juice on sale at $3.49

10 x Publix yogurts on sale at $20 for 8 = $4 ($0.40 each)

2 x Dry Lentils on sale at $0.93 each = $1.86 ($0.93 each)

Steaks at $5.66 – ($2 off Beef Winn Dixie coupon from Baby Mailer) = $3.66

Green Beans $1.49

– $5 off $50 Publix coupon from a weekly ad mailer


Tax $0.23

Total out of pocket $35.34

Total saved $52.36


You can always find our latest Publix deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS.


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  1. I wish I had a Publix where I live! You got such great deals and I have heard that this is a great store to shop in. WOW You saved tons of money-I bet that is a good feeling.

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