May 062015

This week I had not one, but two $10 off $10 JCPenney coupons! Yeah! I was planning to go today to spend the $10 JCP coupon that I received about two weeks ago (and forgot to bring last week), and then I got another $10 JCP coupon in the door yesterday as a part of a Mother’s Day promotion.

$10 JCPenney coupons

If you have not already signed up for the JCPenney Rewards program to get $10 JCPenney coupons in the mail, I strongly recommend it. I never make the $100 threshold in a month to get the $10 Rewards, but I still receive lots and lots of $10 off $10 JCP coupons and $10 off $25 JCP coupons in the mail, every time there is a promotion….and I use them all. If you want to see how many $10 coupons we’ve received so far this year, make sure to check out all of my How To Get $10 JCPenney Coupons posts here.

While you are trying to save at JCPenney don’t forget to sign up for Recyclebank, where you can do simple tasks such as read about recycling (and if you are lucky earn points for your recycling through your city). I save up my Recyclebank points for Publix coupons and JCPenney gift cards, and I have been able to earn a $10 JCPenney gift card at Recyclebank every 3 -4 months or so.

While I was at JCPenney I checked out the shoe clearance – with six people in the family, I am always looking for great deals on quality shoes – and I found a great deal. I discovered a pair of Nike sneakers size 4 youth for boys, which were on clearance at $19.99 down from $54.99. Unfortunately the JCPenney coupons do not work on certain name brands including Nike, but I had a $10 JCPenney gift card from Recyclebank to spend, which I could use.

Our middle son is rough on his clothes and shoes (maybe because he never stops moving, and always wants to be the 1st at everything), and so he just broke his size 4 shoes. Thankfully we had a size 4 shoes in our shoe box that his older brother had outgrown. These still looked great, so he is wearing them for now. But, we were down a size 4 shoes, since his younger brother is just a couple of shoe sizes behind him. I always carry an updated clothes list for our daughter (with all her clothes categorized in sizes) and our shoe lists for both our daughter and our sons, this way I can always pick up a great deal if I find one, and I never have to pay full price for good shoes. It took me one time having to pay full price to figure out this system:) And it was actually the size 4 shoes that my middle son is now wearing, which I paid full price for.


Are you signed up for the JCPenney Rewards program? If so, do you get $10 JCP coupons in the mail?


$10 JCPenney coupon finds


1st Transaction:

Xersion Sports Bra on sale at $13 (Regular price $26)

– $10 off $10 JC Penney coupon


Tax $0.18

Total out of pocket $3.17

Total saved $24.39


2nd Transaction:

2 x Arizona Boys T Shirts on sale at $5.99 each (Regular price $12)

– $10 off $10 JC Penney coupon

Tax $0.12

Total out of pocket $2.10

Total saved $23.34


3rd Transaction:

Nike shoes for boys size 4 on clearance at $19.99 (Regular price $54.99)


$10 JCPenney Gift Card from Recyclebank

Tax $1.20

Total out of pocket $11.19

Total saved $37.09 + $10 JCP Gift Card Savings



My JCPenney Totals:

Total out of pocket at JCPenney $16.46

Total saved at JCPenney $94.82


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