May 232015

If you’re a Frugality Is Free reader, I am sure you know how much we love $10 off $10 JCPenney coupons. Today, I have one to share with all of you. Just follow the steps below to get your $10 off JCPenney coupon, and go find some great deals at your local JC Penney store.

$10 off $10 JCPenney coupon phone

JCPenney has been generous with their $10 JCP coupons this spring, take a look at all of our $10 off $10 JCPenney coupon deals here, and make sure to find out how to get $10 JCP coupons sent to your mailbox here.


How to Get A $10 off $10 JCP coupon

  1. Text FB to 527365
  2. Click the link in the text from JCP, enter your phone number to sign up for JCP text messages.
  3. You will receive a second text from JCP, reply FB to this text.
  4. Seconds later you will receive an email with a $10 off $10 JCPenney coupon store code. This $10 JCP mobile coupon expires 5/31
  5. For more JCPenney coupons up for the JCPenney Rewards program too. Make sure to use your phone number in store, every time you shop at JCP.


Here in the Frugality Is Free family we love shopping for free, and we cannot wait to go shopping with our $10 off JCPenney coupon. You can always find our latest $10 JCPenney coupon finds here or in the top navigation bar under COUPONS.


What are you looking to get for your $10 JCPenney coupon?

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