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Our garden is full of colorful blooms, but getting anything to grow inside our home is difficult. We simply do not have enough sunlight inside our home to make plants and flowers grow. I’ve made many attempts, but all have failed. This is why I was thrilled to give silk flowers from Silk Plants Direct a try.

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In our kitchen we have a corner by the kitchen table, where I thought we could have a simple hanging plant, but it did not thrive. We have tried several different kinds, but eventually these all end up outside where they thrive in the sunlight.

Silk Plants Direct offers hundreds of silk flowers, and it took me quite a while to find the right plant for our home. I ended up with a dozen plants and flowers on my short list, but it sure was a difficult decision.

Our color palette is blues and greens in the kitchen, and golden/brown tones in the adjoining living room, so I wanted a flowering plant that could fit in with both color schemes. I also wanted something that would stand out, a featured piece that would be talked about.

Then I discovered the hanging basket with bougainvillea silk flowers, and I had no more pondering to do. Here in South Florida we are surrounded by bougainvillea in beautiful fuchsia, pinks and purple shades, and these grow all year round with varying degrees of colors depending on the earths ph value. I adore bougainvillea, and I have a few small plants growing in our back yard.

The hanging planter bougainvillea came carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard box, and the shipping was quick. It was easy to pull out the silk flowers plant, and it was ready to hang the minute we got it in the door.


Take a look at the before picture of our kitchen corner.

kitchen table


Take a look at the after picture of our kitchen corner.

silk flowers hanging planter bougainvillea


My dad recently came to visit, and the first thing he and his girlfriend noticed when walking into our house was how the bougainvillea brightened up the place. They thought it was a live plant, but our boys were quick to point out that it was a fake plant. Everyone agreed that the silk bougainvillea was a perfect match with our kitchen. These silk flowers create a focal point in our home, and it is a great way to spruce up our living space.

The hanging planter with silk flowers has really brightened up our kitchen space, and it is a focal point whether you are in the kitchen or sitting in the living room looking into the kitchen. It measures 28″ x 30″ x 30″, and it comes in a hanging basket ready to put up.


bougainvillea silk flowers


The silk bougainvillea looks just like the real bougainvillea outside, and the color is spot on. Take a look at the photo below to see how the silk bougainvillea plant from Silk Plants Direct measures up to the real live plant.


silk flowers bougainvillea


About Silk Plants Direct

Silk Plants Direct is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and with a 30,000 sq feet warehouse, they have more than 500 varieties of silk plants, trees, flowers, foliage, planters and more. The company is BBB accredited, and Silk Plants Direct sells silk plants to hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and more as well as directly to private customers.

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Buy It

You can buy the bougainvillea silk flowers hanging planter at Silk Plants Direct.

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silk flowers hanging planter

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary  sample for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the products from Silk Plants Direct.

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  1. My allergies are so severe I can’t have any plants inside. These would be great! I went to the website and WOW! they have everything!!!

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