May 012015

If there’s something my kids love it is having Friday night, and I am just thankful that Redbox has a great selection of the latest movies. Of course free movie codes, makes Redbox even better, and today I have just that for you. A FREE Redbox code. What are you going to watch?


Redbox codes

  • For a free Redbox movie code use the promo code PLKMP982  at your local kiosk.

You can get a code for each phone in your household, so if your kids have phones, make sure to have them send off a text too. As soon as you send of the text, you will get a text back with the free Redbox code.



What movie will you be renting with your free movie code?


Also, make sure to sign up for the Redbox Rewards program, so that you can get get even more free Redbox codes in your inbox. It even seems that you get points for your free Redbox rentals, and we are already getting points in our account.

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