May 072015

We recently switched to Mrs. Meyers floor cleaner, because we discovered how poisonous our previous floor cleaner was to animals. We figured that if it was dangerous to animals, it was probably dangerous to little kids, and so we made an instant switch.


Mrs Meyers sale at Kohls

Mrs. Meyers floor cleaner works just as well as our old floor cleaner, but we feel a whole lot better about using it. The price can be steep though even on sale with coupons, and we paid $6.79 for the first bottle of Mrs. Meyers multi-purpose cleaner.

So, when I discovered that Kohl’s had several Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers products on clearance, I made sure to pick up a couple of bottles of the floor cleaner. If you want a great deal on Mrs. Meyers look for a tall display case near the kitchen section or ask a Kohl’s employee. There were lots of different products, but I had my eye on the multi-purpose cleaner, which we use as a floor cleaner …and with four kids I sure clean the floor a lot.


I encourage you to check out what effect your current floor cleaner has on animals, kids and the environment, and perhaps consider finding an alternative. I sure am happy that we did.


Our Kohl’s Mrs. Meyers Deals:

2 x Mrs. Meyers multi purpose cleaner 32 oz on Kohl’s clearance sale at $3.99 each = $7.98 – 20 percent off off Kohl’s coupon = $6.38 ($3.19 each)


Tax $0.38

Total out of pocket $6.76′

Total saved $10.17



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  2 Responses to “Mrs. Meyers Sale at Kohls – Floor Cleaner Only $3.19 (Regular Price $7.99!)”

  1. I like using the “natural labeled” cleaners as well – but only in rotation with main stream once because they do not kill germs like most main stream cleaners do. Do your homework and also compare the list of ingredients on them – and suddenly they do not seem as natural. And we all need to disinfect surfaces at times.

  2. I started using this same floor cleaner too! Love the smell lavender, much better than my vinegar routine I had, just wasnt cutting it….

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