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As a mom of four taking the kids to the photographer is expensive and challenging, which is why I take most of our family portraits myself. We usually find a great park, beach or other scenic location to use as a background, but I have always wished for real portrait backgrounds.

portrait backgrounds

I recently discovered DropPlace, a store dedicated to creating vinyl photography backdrops.



The portrait backgrounds at DropPlace are vinyl backgrounds, which can be used for fashion photography, portraits, creative photography and much much more. Whether you are a budding photographer, a mom who loves to take her own kids portraits, a blogger or a small business owner, picture backgrounds from DropPlace can give you that something special which gives your photos an edge.


DropPlace specializes in vinyl backgrounds, and they have myriads of backgrounds for every occasion and project. The hardest part about shopping at DropPlace was simply selecting the back drops, because there were so many to choose between. When selecting the portrait backgrounds, I had a few different criteria in mind. I needed something neutral for our kids portraits, since we have one girl and three boys. I needed something that I could use for blog photography, and I wanted something that would give me a background I could not find in our immediate area.

My final selection were the sage green wood boards background and the pink grunge flourish backdrop because of the versatility. These were two unique and different backgrounds, with a flexibility to do various projects and portraits. I decided to go with the 6 x 8 vinyl backdrops, because I wanted the backgrounds to be big enough to hold all four of our children, including our soon-to-be teen, who is growing quite tall.


picture backgrounds

sage green wood boards background


Bellamy Blue agreed to be my model for the day, as her brothers were busy cleaning their room.

portrait backgrounds

pink grunge flourish backdrop


I prefer to shoot outside with natural light, especially since we have very little natural light inside. To use the big 6 x 8 picture backgrounds, I needed a backdrop stand to hold up the vinyl backdrops. I decided to start out with a cheap backdrop stand from Amazon to start with, and I managed to find one with three different color backgrounds as well.

Now, before opening up the picture backgrounds from DropPlace, I first tried to shoot with the picture backgrounds that came with the backdrop stand. These non-woven fabric backgrounds worked okay, but you could see every little wrinkle, and I was not particularly impressed. Still they had come with the stand, and they were better than no background. The tube below contains the two backdrops from Drop Place.

backdrop stand

After we finished our photo session at home, we rolled up the vinyl photo backgrounds and they fit perfectly in the roll for storage. All backdrops are shipped rolled in heavy duty cardboard shipping tubes that can be used as storage. I was concerned that I might not be able to fit the backdrops back in the tube, but it worked out really well.

vinyl photography


The vinyl backdrops from DropPlace have a very different feel and quality to them. Not only were these backgrounds bigger at 6 x 8, but these portrait backgrounds were heavy, which meant they stayed put. They were light enough that the backdrop stand did not bend in the middle, but they were heavy enough to stay in place.

Here you can see a photo shot with a natural palm tree background and then in the second photo with the sage green wood boards picture background from Drop Place. The drop place photography background really brings out the product, and emphasizes the color of the silk flowers.


Bougainvillea silk flowers



portrait backgrounds


Another advantage is that the vinyl backdrops give the photos a seamless look, and you can get so many picturesque portrait backgrounds. Whether you want balloons, a Gone With The Wind stair case, dark wooden floorboards, brick or any type of pattern. You can get colors of every shade, nature scenes and more.

If you have an Etsy store or if you are a food blogger, the smaller 3×4 or 5×6 backgrounds will work well, and you will not have to use as much space to set up your studio. For portrait photography I highly recommend the bigger 6×8 portrait backgrounds, as you will need the room for the kids to move on. Take a look at the photo below, where Bellamy Blue decided to get off the chair and show off some of her dance moves.

portrait backgrounds



Buy It

You can buy the portrait backgrounds at DropPlace in sizes er 3 x 4 or 5 x 6 and 6 x 8.

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Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a 6×8 photo backdrop of their choice from DropPlace as a part of the spring event here at Frugality Is Free.



FIF is not responsible for prize shipment.



This giveaway will end Monday June 15th midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary  samples for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the portrait backgrounds from Drop\Place.

  58 Responses to “Enhance Your Portraits & Photographs With Backdrops + DropPlace Giveaway”

  1. There’s so many great ones to choose from. I am absolutely in love with the Chalkboard Hero one my boys would love it too!

  2. I loved the vintage white distressed painted wood!

  3. I’d LOVE to have the Black Brick Wall with Wood Floor or the Great Outdoors

  4. Wow, they have a lot of really cool backdrops! 🙂 I’d find it hard to choose just ONE out of all of them, but I’d probably go with the Red White and Blue Bokeh / 1442. Pretty sweet 🙂

  5. I love the Pink Pastel Faded Damask. So pretty for pics of my girls! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  6. I like the Icy Blue and Labyrinth backdrops. They have soooo many to choose from on the site. I like that they have backgrounds for different occasions as well.

  7. I would LOVE to have the Snowy Days #212 backdrop! We live in Florida, and this would be a great way to take a “Christmas” family portrait! I could have a lot of fun with this one! Maybe wearing shorts, flip-flops and Santa hats would be a fun way to “tease” our family up North!

  8. I like the Crayon Numbers backdrop. My daughter teaches third grade, and she takes a picture of each student on the first day of school. This would be a great backdrop for that.

  9. I am a huge Halloween lover, so I love the Halloween Drop with the lighten Jack-O’-Lanterns. It would be perfect for this year!

  10. I absolutely love the Teal and Pink Bokeh, the colors are so vivid and beautiful! There are so many to choose from!

  11. I would choose the Blue Painted Peeling Wall with Curtained Window Scenic because the colors are pretty.

  12. light gray solid

  13. I would get the Solid Gray as it is a neutral color which would be great for photographing nearly anything one would want to photograph.

  14. I like the Sage Green wood boards, and the solid Blue texture. I would definitely choose one of those if I won.

  15. So many great choices, but I think Wood Boards would be my choice!

  16. I think my favorite is the Vintage White boards.

  17. I would love the The Great Outdoors / 9007. There are so many gorgeous backgrounds, I want tons of different ones! I might even get a couple just to take pictures of my own kids, they aren’t too expensive.

  18. This is tough – I love so many! I think I’d go with the Colored Wood Boards though

  19. I think I would pick the Heart Brick Wall /444. I would give this to my niece who takes photos for people.

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  21. I would love to have the Colored Wood Boards. they have so many it hard to just choose one

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  23. Those pictures are all so precious! I also like the Night Sky / 1180. It’s very pretty.

  24. My favorite is the Blue Chevron Wood / 2255. I like that it is a bit neutral but not boring. I like that it looks woodsy but actually reminds me a bit of peacock feathers too which I had in my wedding, so that i is always going to be a bit sentimental.

  25. I love the blue double doors..

  26. I like the natural wood design. Thank you

  27. I think I would pick Snowday. I’d love to have that for doing our photos ever Christmas.

  28. I love the new morning backdrop! I think you could take some amazing fall pictures with that drop!

  29. I love how bright the backdrops were! I would love one 🙂

  30. I think I would choose the light gray solid… it kind of goes with any pictures

  31. I really love the sage green one, it looks so nice. It would be so much fun to use these while doing photos.

  32. I think I would pick the Pastel Skies backdrop. So many uses – it would work for younger kids as well as tweens and teens.

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  34. […] DropPlace Vinyl Photography Background Giveaway 6/15 […]

  35. I love all of them! Any of them would be great to win! However, I think my favorite is the Vintage White boards.

  36. This is too hard to choose! I liked so many of them. One of my favorites is the Grunge Brick Wall with Wood Floor!

  37. The blue double doors is really nice.

  38. I like the icy blue and grey. Its pretty, but still neutral enough to be used with a lot of different people/situations.

  39. I am a little confused since there was no comment section at the bottom of the clothes link. Did you mean for us to read that post, then come back and comment here? I think it was a great synopsis on what to do. I’d use the credit to by something for my niece.

  40. What a hard decision this is to choose. I would pick one of the scenic backgrounds probably the Window seat. Also like the Pink Blossom tree

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  42. […] DropPlace Vinyl Photography Background Giveaway 6/15 […]

  43. I love the Grunge Brick Wall with Wood Floor / 047. My boys and dogs would look awesome in front of that.

  44. I like the Icy Blue and Grey too!

  45. That’s a hard one…they have a lot of good choices. I like: Where The Wild Things Are / 1531!

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  47. I like the great outdoors.

  48. They have so many gorgeous choices. I really like the Orange Door-9258. I didn’t know this place existed, it’s pretty cool.

  49. I would pick the 6×8 CUSTOM Vinyl Backdrop / Natural Chalkboard Wedding Backdrop / Photo Booth Backdrop / Blackboard / Cute Chalkboard Backdrop.

  50. I would pick one of the solids so my ebay pictures would finally look better and it would help my sales. I want to earn money to do more work on my home.

  51. I would like the Beige and Light Gray Damask / 984

  52. I would choose the Heart Brick Wall 444

  53. love the light sage green wood backdrop

  54. I love the Blue Arched Door with Cobble Stones / 1134 and the dark crystal also love love the Large Steel Double Doors / 1068

  55. I need the sage green wood boards background for my Etsy shop!

  56. I think I’d probably get the Black Wood Boards. It would be a great backdrop for blog photos.

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  58. […] winner of the Dropplace backdrop giveaway is: Bridget A […]

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