May 012015

This morning I made a quick Publix trip after we dropped off the kids at school, but it was such a strange trip. I shopped at Publix without any coupon. That’s right Publix shopping and NO coupons! Of course it felt as if I got very little for my money, even though most of the items in my cart were on sale. Still, it were things that I needed to pick up, and I just did not see many other great deals this week.

Publix deals 2

Our Coupon Free Publix Deals:

1 gallon Publix Orange Juice $4.99

Rice Select Texmati Brown Rice on clearance at $3.75

2 x Breakstone Sour Cream on BOGO sale at $2 for $2.39 ($1.20 each)

Zucchini Squash $1.77

Green Beans $1.50

Iberia Red Kidney Bean $1.51

Iberia Lentils $0.93


Total out of pocket $16.84

Total saved $8.01


What was on your Publix list today?

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