May 252015

Did you get to use your free Schoola credit, before the free shipping with no minimum expired yesterday? If not, you’re getting a second chance to shop for free. The $15 sign up credit and the $10 Custom Collections credit is still available, plus you get free shipping and everything is 50 percent off with the Schoola coupon code HALFDAY.

Free Clothes For Kids

If you’ve already signed up for Schoola, don’t forget that you can still get the $10 Customs Collections credit to shop for. What’s the catch with all of this free shopping? It’s simple, Schoola wants your business, they want you to try online consignment shopping, and let me tell you it can become addicting to find your favorite brands at great prices. The one thing about great promotions like this free shopping, free shipping promotion is that all good things usually come to an end. So shop for free while you can, and don’t forget to tell your friends. Oh and while you’re here, make sure to check out the post on how to get $10 to shop for at JCPenney too.

I shopped earlier this morning, and got a whole bunch of clothes for only $5! I’ve been saving up credit, and when the half-off coupon code came out, I decided to go shopping. I found some casual school dresses for Bellamy Blue, a couple of nice (but expensive) polo shirts and a pair of shorts for our sons, and I even found a summer dress for myself. With four kids in the family, shopping online consignment is one of the ways we keep our meager clothing budget on track, plus with the awesome credit from friends, family and readers signing up and shopping for free too, we are able to keep saving up for our first home.

Schoola shop for freeshop for free consignment

Our Schoola 50% Off Sale Deals:

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt $11.85Sale price $5.93

Tommy Hilfiger Polo Shirt $13.35Sale price $6.68

Hurley Shorts $10.20 Sale price $5.10

Eshakti dress $13.69Sale price $6.84

Billie Girls T Shirt $4.80 Sale price $2.40

Roxy Top $7.95Sale price $3.98

Limited Too Blouse $3.30Sale price $1.65

Ralph Lauren Dress $18Sale price $9

Old Navy Skirt $6Sale price $3

Old Navy Cardigan $4.59Sale price $2.30

Pumpkin Patch Cardigan $4.97Sale price $2.49

Kmitted Cardigan $3.70 Sale price $1.85

GAP Kids Top $5.09Sale price $2.55

LOGG Dress $5.39 Sale price $2.70

Disenos Griselda Dress $10.50Sale price $5.25

Love On A Hanger Dress $6.88Sale price $3.44


Schoola orderIf I had bought these brands new at regular price, I would have paid more than $600! I’ll take the $5 bill instead!

To make it a little easier for all of you to save too, I’ve put together this guide so that you too can start saving big on kids clothes. (You can even find some women’s clothes there too!)



How To Shop For Free at Schoola:

  1. Sign up for Schoola here and get $15 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually make a purchase we get $15 to shop for too)
  2. Then go to the Custom Collections and create your own Custom Collection to get a $10 Schoola credit. Make sure you’re signed in with the account you’ve just created, and add one item to your check out cart from the collection to get your credit. (You do not need to buy this item)
  3. Go select the sizes you need, the brands you want, and then click low to high prices in the top right corner. Schoola even has a new-with-tag section. Shop for your $25 Schoola credit.
  4. Get 50% Off With Schoola Coupon Code: HALFOFF
  5. The 50% off sale has ended, but you can still get $25 to shop for with free shipping.
  6. Use *Get $10 off $50 with code TENOFF or get $20 off $75 with code TWENTYOFF
  7. For a limited time! Get FREE shipping on all orders
  8. If your total is less than your Schoola credit, you will have to add your credit information, if it is more than your credit amount you can pay with Paypal or debit/credit.
  9. Tell your friends about this deal, and get $15 if they decided to shop for their $25 Schoola credit too!


Voila! You just got $25 worth of second-hand clothing for free – which could add up to more than $300 worth of clothes, if you choose wisely!



Not only does Schoola help families like yours and mine get high-quality clothing at great prices, but Schoola also helps keep clothes out of the landfills, and 40 percent off the proceeds are donated to schools. It does not get much better than that, and this is why we are loyal Schoola fans.

You can get basic tees and bottoms for less than $2 a piece, or you can go after the brand names, if resale value is something you take into consideration. We always consider the resale value, because that’s how we usually get money to buy new clothes for the kids. If you shop consignment with resale in mind, it can become a great way to keep your kids clothed without having to spend a lot of money.


What did you get for your $25 Schoola credit?

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  2. I wish they had baby clothes.

  3. […] while you’re here, don’t forget to check out how you can get $25 to shop online consignment for free with free shipping. This is how we get Bellamy Blue’s dresses and our boys’ name brand […]

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