May 292015

This week was busy, busy, busy, and I am sure that all parents can relate. It seems that the schools try to cram in all of the important fun stuff into the last month of school after all of the standardized tests are done with. Between school conferences, success day and more, it has just been full speed forward…. and somehow I still got shopping done.

This coming week I will surely take a shopping day and take my time, because it is the last time that my little girl and I get to shop alone and enjoy our mother-daughter time, before the boys are out. Let me tell you, Bellamy Blue is a quite a sight these days. At two-years-old she loves shoes, and she wears a little purse everywhere she goes and preferably a straw hat too …. of course one that matches her hat. She loves looking at dresses…even if we don’t buy any, and she oohs and ahhs over anything sparkly. I will admit it, after three boys, I absolutely adore having a little girl in the house.



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Feel free to share your Friday finals at the Weekly Savings Linky below. How did you do?

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Weekly Grocery Spendings for our Family of 6 $84.62

Weekly Grocery Savings for our Family of 6 $72.11

Clothing & Extras Spendings $38.24

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Weekly Spendings For A Family of 6 $116.86

Weekly Savings For A Family of 6 $350.89

How did you do on your shopping this week? Did you find some great deals? Please feel free to share them below at the Weekly Savings Linky. You can also find a list of our favorite shopping linkies here.

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