Jun 042015

So, I already did a lot of grocery shopping this week, but the kids are all out for the summer today, so I wanted to get the last shopping done without the boys.

Publix BOGO

At Publix I picked up a couple of splurges such as steak for the guys and cherries for all of us. Those cherries sure are delicious….and expensive, but it was a healthy treat that I did not mind. We got a lot of great things without coupons, but thankfully I had a $3 Publix coupon to shop with.


Our Publix BOGO Deals:

2.83 lbs of cherries $11.29

1 gallon Publix orange juice $4.99

2 x Fresh Express Spinach on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.99 ($1.50 each)

3 x Bakery Bagels on sale at $1 each $4 ($1 each)

2 x Publix cream cheese on sale at 2 for $3 ($1.50 each)

2 x Green Beans on sale at $1.29 each = $2.58 ($1.29 each)

Eye Round Steak on sale at $5.50 – $2 off Beef Winn-Dixie coupon from mailer – $3.30

$3 off $30 Publix coupon from Recyclebank


Total out of pocket $28.35

Total saved $18.80

  3 Responses to “$3 Publix Coupon Deals”

  1. I have never seen $3 of $30.00 publix coupon from recyclebank. How are you getting them?

  2. Tala, I used to get these years ago, when Recyclebank just started out. Then they stopped, and I sent them an email asking about them. Shortly after the coupons returned in my account under FOOD/Restaurants I think, and I can print two prints a month.

    So, if you don’t see yours under food/restaurant rewards, send Recyclebank an email and ask….it can’t hurt.

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