Jun 302015

Another $5 off $5 Kohl’s has arrived in my inbox, make sure to check yours too. This time around, the $5 Kohl’s coupon only seems to have been sent to the email I’ve that we’ve used to sign up for the Kohl’s Rewards program. So, if you are a Kohl’s Rewards member, make sure to check your inbox too.

$5 Kohls Coupon

The Kohl’s Rewards program is great, and I especially appreciate that the points do not expire every month like other rewards programs. We usually spend less than $10, when we shop at Kohl’s, so it takes a while for us to earn rewards certificates, but they do come.

On Sunday, we received another $5 off $5 Kohl’s coupon, in fact we all received coupons in our inboxes, and so the entire family went coupon shopping at Kohl’s, and our kids got to buy birthday gifts for the brother with the coupons. It was a great frugal learning experience. We got $47 worth of gifts and clothes for $1.42.

Great dollar off coupons show up in your inbox once or twice a year, if you’ve signed up for the Kohl’s email newsletter on their website. Make sure to sign up for the Kohl’s Rewards program too.

Look for an email titled “$5 Off + Pick Your Day to Save an Extra 15%!” (It should have arrived yesterday). This $5 off Kohl’s coupon expires July 5th.

While you are here, don’t forget to take advantage of these two shopping deals:

Get $25 To Shop for with free shipping and 50 percent off at Schoola (No Strings Attached)

$3.75 Summer Dress Clearanceat Children’s Place + FREE Shipping (Regular price $34.95)


Did you find your coupon? If so, did you use it, and what did you get for it?


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