Jun 282015

I just spotted a hot $5 off $5 Kohl’s coupon in my inbox! Yeah! It’s only valid today June 28th, so check your emails too.

$5 off $5 Kohls Coupon

These great coupons show up in your inbox once or twice a year, if you’ve signed up for the Kohl’s email newsletter on their website. Make sure to sign up for the Kohl’s Rewards program too.

Look for an email titled “Today Only: Save $5 + Take $10 off when you spend $30!”

I wasn’t planning on going shopping today, but I will never let $5 go to waste! Will you?


Did you find your coupon? If so, did you use it, and what did you get for it?

  2 Responses to “$5 Off $5 Kohls Coupon – Check Your Inbox!”

  1. Ohhhhh… Yippee! I got it too! Didn’t really want to go back into town today, but I can’t let this coupon go to waste!

  2. Bridget I’m glad you got it too, I hope you found something good. We’re lucky we’re so close to Kohl’s, but I sure do envy your country living though:)

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