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Schoola 50 percent off

Schoola has done it again, and they’ve raised the stakes. If you weren’t hooked already, you surely will be now. Right now you can get $25 to shop for at Schoola (no strings attached), free shipping, and get 50 percent off your ENTIRE order! Does it get better than that? Not really! It’s time for back to school shopping! The 50 off sale has ended, but you can still get $25 to shop for with free shipping. Look below for details.

If you have brand-conscious kids, this is a great way to pick up a few high-end pieces for them (even better yet let them choose a few themselves), and this way you’ll only need to spend money on new basics.


Our boys are getting ready to attend schools with a no-uniform policy, which basically means new wardrobes, but thanks to Schoola and credit from when friends and readers shop for free, I’ve had to buy only a few pieces new, and they still look great in the right brands. Due to the school uniforms at the kids’ current schools, we’ve never had to worry about brands, but I’m no fool – I remember how it is at non-uniform schools, and so I’m trying to make fitting in just a little bit easier after the move on my very low budget.

As for our little girl, well she is getting quite the wardrobe, and she doesn’t even have her own closet yet. I pick up pieces for her in many different sizes, but I mostly focus on dresses, cardigans and expensive blouses, items that we would have a hard time ever being able to afford for her.


Check out our last 50 percent off Schoola order below:


Schoola 50 off sale 3 Schoola 50 off sale 2 Schoola 50 off sale 1


Schoola review

Our Schoola 50% Off Sale Deals:

Spoiled Blouse $7.20Sale price $3.60

Nautica Teen Jacket  $17.85Sale price $8.93

Quicksilver Button-Down Shirt  $12.60 Sale price $6.30

Cherokee Cardigan  $4.50Sale price $2.25

Billie Girls T Shirt $5.70 Sale price $2.85

Wrangler Teen Button-Down Shirt $7.50Sale price $3.75

Rhapsody Blouse $7.49Sale price $3.75

Zoey Beth Dress $6Sale price $3

Navy Cardigan $6.04Sale price $3.02

Worthington Women’s Cardigan $8.40Sale price $4.20

So Blouse  $4.20Sale price $2.20

Molly Maxi Cardigan $5.40 Sale price $2.7

Dance/Gymnastic Jacket $5.24 Sale price $2.62

Dance/Gymnastic Jacket $5.24 Sale price $2.62

Original Deluxe Blouse  $4.80Sale price $5.20

Xhilaration Tank Top $5.40 Sale price $2.70

Harmonie Cardigan $5.08 Sale price $2.54

Capezio Cardigan $5.70 Sale price $2.85

Dizzy Girl Blouse  $4.48Sale price $2.24

Coupe Blouse  $7.48Sale price $3.74

Dickies Teen Button-Down Shirt $5.82Sale price $2.91

Old Navy Women’s  Blouse $5.08Sale price $2.54

Schoola review

If I had bought these brands new at regular price, I would have paid more than $600! I’ll take the $1 bill instead!



Free Clothes For Kids Sale

To make it a little easier for all of you, I’ve put together this guide so that you too can start saving big on kids and women’s clothes.


How To Shop For Free at Schoola:

  1. Sign up for Schoola here and get $15 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually make a purchase we get $15 to shop for too)
  2. Then go to the Custom Collections and create your own Custom Collection to get a $10 Schoola credit. Make sure you’re signed in with the account you’ve just created, and add one item to your check out cart from the collection to get your credit. (You do not need to buy this item)
  3. Go select the sizes you need, the brands you want, and then click low to high prices in the top right corner. Schoola even has a new-with-tag section. Shop for your $25 Schoola credit.
  4. Get 50% Off With Schoola Coupon Code: HALFOFF
  5. The 50% off sale has ended, but you can still get $25 to shop for with free shipping by following the steps above.
  6. Use *Get $10 off $50 with code TENOFF or get $20 off $75 with code TWENTYOFF
  7. For a limited time! Get FREE shipping on all orders
  8. If your total is less than your Schoola credit, you will have to add your credit information, if it is more than your credit amount you can pay with Paypal or debit/credit.
  9. Tell your friends about this deal, and get $15 if they decided to shop for their $25 Schoola credit too!


Voila! You just got $25 worth of second-hand clothing for free – which could add up to more than $300 worth of clothes, if you choose wisely!



Not only does Schoola help you shop affordable prices, they also donate 40 percent off the proceeds to school programs such as music, field trips, arts and more. What a fantastic company!


What will you get at Schoola? Did you find a fantastic deal?

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  2. I don’t see where to sign up for the $15 credit??

    • Bella, just click the 1. Sign up for Schoola here link, then sign up at the top of the page it lands on. Once you sign up through that link, you’ll have the $15 in your account, then come back to this post, and do step #2 to get another $10.

      Let me know if you have any other questions – and enjoy your free shopping trip!

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