Jun 032015

We have a fantastic ALDI store about 20 minutes from our home, and the management has really been on top of things since they got here a few years ago. Then about a month or so ago, everything changed. The carts were all over the place, the store was disorganized, our favorite products were always out of stock, and our favorite employees had been substituted with all new people (who were lacking the usual ALDI service skills) plus our favorite manager was gone.

ALDI Summer Foods

This went on for several weeks, and it just got worse every week. Until today. The first thing I noticed was that the carts were back in order, then as I entered the store, the shelves finally looked organized, and as I continued throughout the store things were getting back to normal, and all of the extra products that had filled the shelves were now being clearanced. I hoped that our favorite manager was back, but I did not see him, I did see his assistant manager though, and shopping at ALDI became a relaxing experience again.

So, if you have great management at your local ALDI store make sure to let them know how you appreciate them. And if you don’t… well it never hurts to send ALDI headquarters an email. If you don’t have an ALDI nearby, you can also email them to ask that ALDI comes your way.

How’s the management at your local ALDI store?



As for us, we are thrilled that our ALDI store is back to normal, and we stocked up big time for summer today. Our boys had cleared the cereal shelf, the fruit bowl and the produce drawer this week, so it was a little preview of what is to come this summer with all four kids home every day.


Our ALDI Deals:

2 x Seedless Watermelon at $2.69 each

2 x Lactose Free Milk @ $2.79 each

1 gallon ALDI milk $2.89

2 x ALDI Cheese Wedges @ $1.29

Colby Jack Cheese Block on sale at $1.59

Whole Wheat Bread $1.39

Fig Bars $0.89

Pretzels $1..29

2 x Kids Krunch Cereal on clearance @ $0.89

2 x ALDI Instant Oatmeal @ $1.49

Blackberries $1.69

Roma Tomatoes $1.49

3 lbs Fuji Apples $2.99

4.63 lbs of Bananas $2.29 – $0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51

2 x Cucumbers @ $0.59

2 x Avocados @ $0.89

Zucchini 4 Pack $1.69

Iceberg Lettuce $1.39

Broccoli Crowns $1.79

Mushrooms $1.28

Strawberries $1.49

Fresh Asparagus $2.59

Garbanzo Beans $0.65

Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $3.41

Chicken Drumsticks $3.10


Total out of pocket $57

Total saved $27 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores.)

– $0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51


You can always find our latest ALDI deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS.

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