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For the past several years, Brain Quest workbooks have been a part of our family’s summer routine. We strongly believe that the summer is just as much a time for fun as it is for learning, so we take any opportunities we can to teach our kids, and even more so to enhance what they’ve already learned at school.

Quest workbook

At our house, you have to earn screen time, and our kids do so by working in their Brain Quest workbooks, reading, doing Khan Academy, typing programs etc. Whatever amount of time they spend on academic work, they get an equal amount of screen time.


Each of our four kids have different needs every summer, and when putting together each child’s learning schedule we keep this in mind. the Brain Quest workbooks really help give each of our children an expansive summer program.


Our 12-year-old son mostly needs to go over what he has already learned at school to make sure that what he has learned actually sticks, and as he is about to enter 7th grade, being able to get the basis down in math and writing is especially important, so that he can build on it next year. He loves to read, so the only reading actually on his schedule are some award books and classics.

Our 9-year-old son is in the gifted program at school, and he is ahead when it comes to writing and math, so this summer we are going to be working more on vocabulary. He will also be reading books that might not necessary have his interest, since he prefers to read shark books.

Our 5-year-old son just graduated from kindergarten, but he was been working above kindergarten level since the beginning and had to receive special materials at school and at home. In 1st grade, we do have a gifted program at our school, so for him it is really all about just making sure that he understands the words he reads and that he is writing about what he reads and knows.


The Brain Quest workbooks have been an enormous help in catering to our kids’ different needs, because they cover all different topics from reading to writing, vocabulary, math, learning about money, time etc.

As a mom and a writer, I especially find it important that we use our summers on getting grammar down, because at school it seems grammar receives less focus than it should get. If our kids become great writers, everything else in school will come easier to them, and the Brain Quest workbooks really help with making grammar easy to understand for the kids.

I just ordered Brain Quest workbooks for our kids, you can too. Each book has about 300 pages of educational learning sheets for the kids, all separated into subjects in an organized manner that makes it easy for the kids to work with the Quest workbooks by themselves.

We’ve used many workbooks with our kids, but the Brainquest workbooks are by far our favorite, because they enable kids to learn without much assistance from their parents.

Buy The Quest Workbooks

You can buy the Quest workbooks at Amazon, and the prices are very competitive compared to buying the workbooks at a local store.

The price ranges from $6.49 – $8.29.

Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K

Brain Quest Workbook: Kindergarten

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 1

Brain Quest Workbook, Grade 2

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 3

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 4
Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 5
Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 6



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