Jun 172015

This summer our two youngest sons attended Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp for a week, and they’ve had a blast.

Challenger’s British Soccer

We wanted to give soccer a try without having to sign up for an entire season, only to find out that the kids did not like it. We tried that with our oldest son, and we want the kids to play because they want to, not because we want them to.

The experience has been great with the British soccer camp, and our 9-year-old son is especially ready for more. He’s never played team sports before, and still it seems to be working out really well with the kids, who are playing soccer on a regular basis. For Sawyer the best part is playing scribbles, and they do that a lot. He’s one of those kids, who wants to win everything, so even if he doesn’t have the skills that some of the other players do, he is surely holding his own.

Our five-year-old Emory is on a younger team, and although there weren’t many players in that category, it seems as if he is learning a lot and having a lot fun. He is especially becoming better at controlling the ball and dribbling.

Challenger’s British Soccer

The two young coaches have come in from England from the summer, and they go different places every week. If you are able to be a host family for a British Soccer Camp coach for a week, you will get $80 off your fee. The coaches came the first day well-prepared to coach the kids, and they’ve done an excellent job. The kids listen to them, they follow instructions, and that really says a lot about a couple of coaches, who have never met any of the kids before.

The younger team plays a lot of games, while practicing skills and becoming comfortable and confident with the ball. The older kids (ages 6+) work on skills, team play and they are constantly kept busy. Here in South Florida, the scorching heat has arrived, and the coaches are taking this into consideration by providing the kids with lots and lots of water breaks out of the sun. Still, when the kids are on the field, the kids are constantly playing, learning something and not wasting their time.


We can highly recommend Challenger Sports’ British Soccer Camp, and it is such a great way to keep the kids active this summer and providing them with confidence for the new school year.


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Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free received a camp discount to try out the British soccer camps as a part of our participating with the US Family Network.

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