Jun 222015

Our youngest son is turning 6 next month, and with our limited gift budget earning Amazon gift cards online is how we buy a special gift  for the kids for birthdays and Christmas.

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We have two main sources of earning Amazon gift certificates online – Swagbucks and Bing Rewards. Between these two sites, we are able to earn $25 – $50 in Amazon gift cards each months, all of which adds up plenty of gift money for our family of six.


Bing Rewards is easy to use, and the reward options are great. I especially love getting rewards for things that I do anyway, such as searching.


How To Use Bing Rewards:

  1. Sign up for  Bing Rewards here with your Outlook, Live or Hotmail email address. If you don’t have one, simply sign up for one for free.
  2. Go to your dashboard, and do the tasks listed. Each day you usually have 1 or 2 bonus ways to earn Bing credit such as Trivia Challenge or clicking through to specific MSN articles.
  3. Do 30 searches via the BING search engine each day for a total of 15 Bing Rewards Points.
  4. Do 20 searches via the BING search engine on your cell phone each day for a total of 10 Bing Rewards Points. (Make sure you’re signed in with the same Microsoft email.
  5. Once you reach silver status by earning 200 Bing Rewards Points, complete the welcome tour and redeem for a reward, you get an extra 50 point bonus.
  6. Earn 750 Bing Rewards Points and receive Gold Status to get 10% off your rewards.
  7. Make a tab on your bookmark bar for your Bing dashboard, so that you never forget to get your daily points.


Bing Rewards

My favorite reward is by far the $5 Amazon gift card, which is only 525 points plus you get a 10 percent discount when you reach gold status, which makes it only 475 points. Reaching Gold is easy by earning 750points, and keep your Gold status by earning 150 Bing points every month.  status within two months of signing up, and now our Amazon gift cards add up even quicker than before.

You can also earn other gift cards such as a Burger King gift card, a Domino’s gift card, a Fandango promo code and more.



As with all other online earning opportunities, being consistent and getting in your points every day will ensure that you earn your rewards faster. This is why we have our favorite online earnings sites such as Bing, Swagbucks and Instant Cash Sweepstakes tabbed on our Bookmarks toolbar. You can find more of our favorite online earnings sites.



Do you earn Amazon gift certificate for searching with Bing? If so, which rewards have you received so far?

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