Jun 192015

I knew summer was going to be hectic, but the days are still flying by faster than I had imagined they would. We are always done with the first two weeks of summer vacation, which included basketball camp and soccer camp here in the Frugality Is Free family.

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My little one was getting better, and then she had yet another episode of fever this week….but after that it seems as if she is getting ready for summer.


My husband took the kids for half an hour over the weekend so that I could get 2 miles in at the track, but that is nothing compared to the 4 – 8 hours I usually spend at the gym each week, so I am feeling it. I’ve been on the go with the kids, still trying to exercise a bit at the playground, but it is just not easy in the scorching sun.

As for the spendings….it just seems as if our spending is out of control, even though I’ve been trying to rein it in a little. This week shopping has been done in a few quick trips after soccer camp, some of the trips were with all four kids in tow… This week we stocked up on both diapers and laundry detergent, and that definitely set us way over budget.






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Feel free to share your Friday finals at the Weekly Savings Linky below. How did you do?

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I spent $45.11 at Publix

I saved $69.56 at Publix




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I spent $29.07 at Target

I saved $38.02 at Target



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I spent $0 at Barnes and Noble

I saved $27 at Barnes and Noble


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I spent $0 Schoola

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The Frugality Is Free Family’s Weekly Totals


Weekly Grocery Spendings for our Family of 6 $126.56

Weekly Grocery Savings for our Family of 6 $130.22

Clothing & Extras Spendings $0

Clothing & Extras Savings $27

Weekly Spendings For A Family of 6 $126.56

Weekly Savings For A Family of 6 $157.22

How did you do on your shopping this week? Did you find some great deals? Please feel free to share them below at the Weekly Savings Linky. You can also find a list of our favorite shopping linkies here.

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