Jun 272015

We’ve gotten most of the kids’ back-to-school clothes for free this year thanks to Schoola, but the one thing I could not find that my oldest son needed was a pair of cargo shorts.

GAP Cargo Shorts

Apparently, shorts now needs to touch your knees, and of course we can only choose between a few colors for the uniform policy at the middle school.

So, on our Sawgrass Mills Mall outlet trip today, we checked out the GAP Outlet store, and of course we had a GAP Factory Store coupon with us. You can either get a 15 percent off GAP Outlet Coupon by signing up the GAP newsletter and then checking that you are interested in outlet stores too, or you can get Sawgrass Mills coupons here.

Right now you can actually get 50 percent off all clearance at the GAP Factory store, but we did not really need anything, since we’ve been getting a bunch of free clothes from Schoola. ***See how you can get $25 worth of back-to-school clothes for free here.***

It is rare that we pay more than $5 for a piece of clothing for anyone in the Frugality Is Free family, but since we’ve either been buying used or getting used clothes for free at Schoola, I decided to splurge a little instead of having to run around for the right shorts at the right price all summer. Thankfully we had a GAP gift card from Swagbucks we could use to get the price down.

Our oldest son is turning 13 in September, but he is tall, so he wears size 16-18 in pants and shirts, and his shoes are a size 12…..oh boy does he send me shopping:)


Gap Outlet Coupon Deal:

GAP Cargo Shorts $26.99 at 50 percent off sale = $13.50 – 15 percent off GAP Outlet Coupon = $11.47


Tax 0.69

Subtotal $12.16

– $10 GAP Gift Card from Swagbucks

Total out of pocket $2.16

Total saved $26.45

  2 Responses to “Back-To-School Shopping with GAP Outlet Coupons – Saved $26!”

  1. Do you have an article on… Well im curious on how many of each article clothing you have for each child (not in school) ?? 🙂

    • Linda, I don’t have an article about how much each child needs. Truthfully, it’s tough to keep track of with four kids, because as soon as one outgrows it, it moves to a box until the next kid can fit into it, and once there are no more use for it at our house I pass it on either through selling or donating.

      Our 2-year-old daughter mostly wears dresses, so she is a bit out of the ordinary too. I get all of the dresses used, and then i pick up bike shorts and leggings for her on clearance with coupons.

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