Jun 282015

pink bike shorts gymboree

We also made a stop at the Gymboree Outlet store at Sawgrass Mills, and they had everything $9.99 and under. There were some great deals at the Gymboree Outlet store, including dresses for as low as $6. Now, Bellamy Blue has plenty of dresses thanks to our free online consignment store shopping, so all I was looking for were leggings and bike shorts to go with the dresses.  ***See how you can get $25 worth of back-to-school clothes for free here.***


I did find lots of bike shorts at around $4, but for bike shorts I do not pay any more than $3. I found two pairs at $2.97, and they are pink, which means they are versatile, since a lot of Bellamy’s dresses have pink in them.

When I go shopping, I do not just look at the size Bellamy Blue is currently wearing, I look several sizes up, and if the price is right I buy the piece and put it in the box for that size. Now, when it is time for our daughter to switch up a size, we simply pull out the box and she has a complete wardrobe ready without me having to ever buy anything at full price (or even at sale price).

To keep track of what we have, and never buy too much of anything, I keep a complete list on my computer, of everything we have listed by the size, and described clearly with brand and color, so that I can see what is needed, what we already have, and match outfits together. Once every few months, I send an updated list to the email on my phone, and I can easily pull up the list when I’m going through a clearance bin.


Gymboree Outlet Clearance

2 x Gymboree bike shorts on clearance at $2.97 each


Tax $0.36

Total out of pocket $6.30

Total saved $16.91



You can always find our latest Gymboree clearance in the top navigation bar under CLEARANCE.

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