Jun 292015

The Children’s Place has begun its summer clearance sale, and this morning I found a fantastic deal on summer dresses. I spotted a dress on sale at $4.99, which came to $3.99 after a 20 percent off coupon or $3.75 after a 25 percent coupon. The original price on these dresses ranges from $24.95 – $34.95 each!

summer dress clearance

***Now, after you’re done shopping these beautiful brand-new $3.75 dresses, make sure to get your $25 to shop for free at Schoola with free shipping. (No strings attached, see our guide on how to get your free money to shop for.)***

There are more than a dozen of beautiful summer dresses, yet many of them still school appropriate with short sleeves or wide a sleeveless cut that would still make them approved by most school districts. You can also find rompers, skirts and more great clothing at great clearance prices.

You will be able to find the dresses in the clearance section, if you click on girls clearance first and then view all.

So, whether your girly girl loves wearing dresses to school, or you are just looking for a great deal on beautiful dresses, take a look at the Children’s Place. This deal is better than what you can find at the local stores, so take advantage now, because Children’s Place clearance has a way of going fast. This is definitely a great time to start back-to-school shopping. Did you start yet?


Summer Dress Clearance at The Children’s Place:

  1. Go to the girls clearance section. Click on view all!
  2. If you find a dress you like, make sure to put it in your cart. You can always delete it later, but you might not be able to find it again.
  3. Use the 20 percent off Children’s Place coupon code 20PROMO2 to get 20 percent off or sign up for Children’s Place emails (at the bottom of the homepage) to get a 25% off coupon in your inbox. It takes about 30 minutes to arrive!
  4. This comes to $3.99 per dress.
  5. Sign into your Children’s Place rewards account to earn points for your purchase.
  6. Get free shipping on everything with no minimum and no code needed.
  7. Then come over here and get $25 to shop for, with free shipping and 50% off at Schoola.


Take a look below to see what we bought. Bellamy Blue usually only wears second-hand dresses, and these will likely end up among her birthday gifts or Christmas gifts at some point, which is where most new clothing end up in the Frugality Is Free family. Our little girl is already wearing size 3 and even some size 4 dresses, so I’m sure the day will come sooner than I think it will.


Children's Place Summer Dress Clearance

Our Children’s Place Deals

4 x Children’s Place Girls Summer Dresses on clearance at $4.99 – 25 percent off Children’s Place coupon = $3.74 each


Total out of pocket $14.97

Total saved $104.83



Take a look at some of my favorite summer dress clearance finds.


girls summer dress clearance


Did you find any summer dress on clearance for the girls in your life.

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