Jul 022015

Levi's Jeans clearance at Kohls

Earlier this week the FIF family went Kohl’s coupon shopping with $5 Kohl’s coupons in our inboxes, and then the next day we received a $5 Kohl’s coupon in the email connected to our Kohl’s Rewards account. I would never let a Kohl’s coupon go go waste, so today we incorporated Kohl’s into our weekly shopping trip by shopping at the same plaza where our local Kohl’s store is located.

The $5/$5 Kohl’s coupon does not expire until Sunday July 5th, so if you have a Kohl’s Rewards account, make sure to check for an email with the $5 Kohl’s coupon in it.

We found several deals that we could have gotten for pennies after the $5/$5 Kohl’s coupon, but then we spotted a pair of Levi’s jeans in a size 18 or a 29/29. Our soon-to-be 13-year-old son grew taller than me this year, and he is well on the way to growing taller than his father too, so he’s gone up quite a few shoe and pant sizes within the last two years.

The Levi’s jeans in a size 18 were a little too long for him still, but the way his growing I bet he’ll be in them in six months or so, as he already wears some size 18 jeans (and size 12 shoes!). With two younger brothers coming after him, a $7 pair of Levi’s jeans seemed like the best investment I could do at Kohl’s.

We do most of our clothes shopping second-hand at local thrift stores or at our favorite online consignment stores, so these new jeans are quite a treat.   ***See how you can get $25 worth of back-to-school clothes for free here.***

Do you have any teens in the family? Are they taller than you yet?

Our Kohl’s Coupon Deal:

Levi’s Jeans on clearance at $12 (Original price $40)


– $5/$5 Kohl’s coupon


Tax $0.42

Total out of pocket $7.42

Total saved $34.98




You can always find our latest Kohl’s coupon deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS.

  3 Responses to “$5 Kohl’s Coupon = $7 Levi’s Jeans”

  1. Great find, and like you, I can’t let a Kohl’s coupon go to waste either. My son is 14 and is as tall as me and wears bigger shoes than me, but it doesn’t sound like he’s as tall as your son!

    I got some great deals at Kohl’s this week too with those coupons. I spent $1 and saved $95!

    • I loved the dress you got for your daughter Bridget, what a great find. I honestly don’t know what to do with shoes….it’s going to get expensive, once he gets past size 13:( When do boys stop growing:)

  2. Kohl’s is a great store. They always have sales. Always have some type of coupon (newspaper or email). I shop maybe quarterly? and when I do- I combine discounts. Now, their reward system sends $5 in email. It does take you back to the store- but we thrifty shoppers try to use all discounts at same time and don’t go overboard. I’m glad to hear of your deals!!

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