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We are always on the lookout for great toys that keep our kids busy and on the move. This summer our four kids have had a blast with the Aerobie Superdisc, a frisbee designed for optimal performance. Whether we are just playing around at home, spending the day at a local park or at the beach, the Aerobie Superdisc is easy to bring along, and it is sure to provide lots of active fun.

The Aerobic Superdisc is an American made product,  and it has a patented spoiler rim for long, accurate flights. The unique cushioned edge gives the flying disc a comfortable grip and it ensures soft catches.

Aerobic Superdisc

The Superdisc’s special aerodynamic design makes it easy for players of all skill levels, which means that even our two-year-old can play with it. It flies high, far and it just keeps on flying.


aerobie superdisc

The disc is especially great for fun beach days, and it even floats, so the boys can easily jump in the water after it at the pool.

Aerobie Superdisc frisbee

We found the Aerobie Superdisc on display at our local Sports Authority. It retails for $10, is best for ages 8 and up, and is sold at Sports Authority, Do It Best, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other major sporting goods stores across the country.

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Buy It

You can buy the Aerobic Superdisc  at Sports Authority, Do It Best, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other major sporting goods stores across the country.

Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win their own Aerobic Superdisc.




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FIF is not responsible for prize shipment.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary sample for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the flying disc from Aerobie.

  50 Responses to “Aerobie Superdisc Giveaway”

  1. The rocket football would be fun.

  2. I would love to get the Aerobie® Orbiter™ Boomerang for summer fun. I was always a big fan of the boomerang and would love to teach the grandkids.

  3. The SharpShooter™ disc looks like fun and also flies with remarkable precision. My boys would love to try one of these discs.

  4. I am liking their Aerobie® Megatop™
    Spinning Top, hours of fun

  5. if i could have any other product on there site it would have to be the sharpshoot golf disc … i really like disc golf it is a fun game to play

  6. All of the products look like they would be fun, but I am most interested in the Squidgie® Disc and Squidgie® Ball. I don’t even know how they are used, but I think we’d have a blast with them.

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  8. Aerobie® Dogobie™ Disc is another product I liked.

    • Sorry, I didn’t read the 16 word minimum. I love the Aerobie® Dogobie™ Disc. My dog is feeling much more frisky after her bladder surgery and this would be a fun toy for her.

  9. I would like to get the AeroSpin Yo-Yo for my son.

  10. My kids would probably love to have the Skylighter Disk. Looks like a lot of fun.

  11. I think we all would like to try the Skylighter disk mostly my nephew though he loves to play with everything lol

  12. I would love to get the Aerobie® Orbiter™ Boomerang as i think my son and his friends would love to play wiyh it

  13. I would like to get the Aerobie® Dogobie™ Disc. my dog would love this and it would keep him very fit. if i won i would be so excited! thanks so much!

  14. Aerobie® Dogobie™ Disc looks awesome

  15. Looks like my daughter would really enjoy this.

  16. I would love to get the Aerobie® Rocket Football it just looks like so much fun. Plus it is nice and soft so you can play with anybody and any skill level. It would be great at the beach.

  17. The kids would love the Aerobie® Rocket Football – they would have lots of fun when going camping playing with this!

  18. Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Disc, flashing lights and pretty colours. Cushioned edges to for softer catching what else would you need in a toy?

  19. I would like to try the Aerobie® Orbiter™ Boomerang. My nephews spend so much time playing outside that this would be a great gift.

  20. OMG, luv to try the boomerrang. Wow, prize disc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me! Perfect for my niece’s big BD gift.

  21. the kids would love playing with the Aerobie® Squidgie® Ball. it would be great for land or water play since it floats on water.

  22. Cool toys! I want to try the Orbiter Boomerang; I’ve never actually tried a boomerang before! The triangle design looks easy to use:) My kids & dog would get a kick out of it too!

  23. They just put in a frisbee golf course near our house. I’d love to get my son a set of the Aerobie Golf Discs!

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  25. I like the Aerobie Dogobie Disc. It looks like alot of fun, and is something that my dog would enjoy, and will help him to keep active and fit.

  26. Looks AMAZING!

  27. Looks like so much fun! I think my kids would get a kick out of this. My husband might, too 😉

  28. I also like the Sharpshooter™ Golf Discs Epic™ Driver Golf Disc
    Arrow Putter Golf Disc

  29. I liked the Aerospin YoYo

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  31. I would choose the Aerobie® Orbiter™ Boomerang – it would remind me of my time in Australia learning to throw actual boomerangs!

  32. Aerobie® Orbiter™ Boomerang would be a nice gift to give my son to play with. He loves those things.

  33. On behalf of the newest addition to my family, a young Collie x Shepard rescue dog- the Aerobie® Dogobie™ Disc, looks like the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon in the park!

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  35. The Tin Toy Arcade Robot looks so cut. The Dancing Robot. My son would absolutely love this. The cutest thing and the Etcha Sketch we have and I remember doing that when I was a kid.

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  37. The aerobie football sounds and looks like so much fun, I love how it can spiral every time you throw it, so much fun for all.

  38. I bet my kids would like to try everything Aerobie! I was drawn sharpshooter golf discs. We have a golf disc game. This would add a new element to our game and additional discs (maybe even better!)

  39. I would love to try out the Aerobie Skylighter Lighted Disc. It would be so much fun to play with when we are out camping.

  40. I think the grandkids and I would like all of the Aerobie products, the favorite would probably be the Superdisc Ultra.

  41. the sharp shooter disk looks awesome ! , they look like so much fun !

  42. I would like to try the Aerobie® Orbiter™ Boomerang. There is just something so much fun about playing with a boomerang.

  43. I’d like to buy the Aerobie Superdisc if I don’t win. I love the idea of having flashing lights so I can see it also in the dark without getting a sun burn in the daylight.

  44. I would order the Aerobie Dogobie Disc because it looks like a lot of summer fun.

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  46. I would like to get the Orbiter Boomerang as well. I would have so much fun playing this with my son.

  47. I think my daughter would love the SharpShooter™ disc, but the Orbiter boomerang looks like it would be lots of fun too.

  48. I would love to try the Aerobie® Dogobie™ Disc

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