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Here at Frugality Is Free we are often asked “What Is Swagbucks?” Simply put, Swagbucks is a website where you can earn rewards for doing simple tasks such as taking daily polls, playing games and you can even watch videos for gift cards.

We are also frequently asked if Swagbucks is legit, if Swagbucks is a scam and is Swagbucks safe.

To that I can tell you that we have been a member of Swagbucks since 2010, and yes Swagbucks is legit, Swagbucks is not a scam, and yes Swagbucks is safe.

In the five years that our family has been a member of Swagbucks the site has only improved, the rewards have only gotten greater, and there are simply no gimmicks. Swagbucks is by far our FAVORITE way to earn rewards online.


If you would like to sign up for Swagbucks, plesase do so through our Swagbucks referral link.


How Does Swagbucks Work?

At Swagbucks you can do several different activities every day such as watching videos, taking polls, doing surveys, playing games, and doing other tasks to earn rewards. The rewards are called swagbucks, and when you earn 500 Swagbucks you can earn a $5 gift card.

Every few days swagcodes are released, which will give you extra swagbucks for entering specific words in the Swagbucks box or on the Swagbutton.

You can also earn swagbucks for searching, but not every search will award you Swagbucks. I usually get 1 or 2 searches awarding swagbucks a day, but they usually award you a minimum of 5 swagbucks at a time.


This Is How We Earn A $25 Gift Card Each Month At Swagbucks:

Swagbucks Bonus Swagbucks

  • Always try to earn enough Swagbucks a day to release a Swagbucks bonus. The bonuses will  be awarded at the beginning of the next month (We earned 195 bonus Swagbucks last month)
  • Install the Swagbutton to get instant alerts, when a new Swagcode is released. (Click the DISCOVER tab, then click the SWAGBUTTON tab to install. See how to get the Swagcodes below)
  • Take The Daily Poll and earn 1 Swagbucks
  • Do The NOSO and earn 2 Swagbucks (See the sidebar – Simply click through, no need to do any of the offers)
  • Click the Watch tab in the top navigation bar and get 3 Swagbucks per 10 videos. (you can click, watch it, and then do something else, while the movie is running)

Earn Swagbucks Faster

  • Do the NGAGE – This is easy to do, simply click, do whatever else you are doing online, and come back and click once in a while. (Awards 2 – 3 Swagbucks per offer)
  • Do the ENCRAVE – Click the DISCOVER Tab in the top navigation bar, click ENCRAVE and do offers. Each offer earns you 1 – 3 Swagbucks.
  • Click the TAKE A DISCOVERY BREAK option on the homepage, and earn 2 Swagbucks per offer done.
  • Print Coupons from the DISCOVER tab, and earn both when you print and when you redeem your coupons.
  • Browse through the offers on your homepage for more earning opportunities
  • Participate in Swagbucks promotions for more opportunities
  • Shop through Swagbucks and get Swagbucks instead of cash back.
  • Get your friend to sign up too, and get 10 percent off everything they earn…for life.
  • You can win Swagbucks, but you have to pay Swagbucks to enter a game. I do not recommend this option, as it is too all-consuming. If you enjoy playing games (and have time for it), this might be a good option for you.



How To Get Your Swagcodes

  1. Install the Swagbutton

Swagcode alert

  1. When a Swagcode is released, an alert will pop up, if you are online.

Swagcode alert

  1. Then click the Swagcode tab in the Swagbutton, and it will tell you where to locate the Swagcode.

Swagcode alert

  1. Enter the Swagcode in the Swagcode spot on the homepage or in the Swagbutton’s Swagcode’s space. (The instructions will be given together with the Swagcode)



Earn gift cards online

Get The Most For Your Swagbucks

For many years the $5 Amazon gift card was discounted to 450 Swagbucks, and this was the only reward we redeemed for. Then this year, Swagbucks changed it so that now several $25 gift cards are discounted to 2200 Swagbucks instead of 2500 Swagbucks. This only goes for the first $25 gift card that you redeem each month, but it is a significant discount.

If you do all of the above Swagbucks earning opportunities, you will be able to earn a $25 gift card (or 2200+ swagbucks) per month. We do this every month without shopping at Swagbucks or getting referral rewards.

Another way to get the most for your Swagbucks earnings is to redeem for gift cards to stores, where you can use coupons and shop clearance. We’ve redeemed for Kohl’s, CVS, Target and GAP gift cards in the past, because we can use coupons, and we can use the GAP gift card at the outlet stores too.


Swagbucks Tips:

As with all online earning opportunities, getting the most out of Swagbucks means being consistent, persistent, and patient.

  • Bookmark Swagbucks in your bookmark toolbar, so that you are reminded to use Swagbucks whenever you are online.
  • Be a multitasker.  As a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom, I am a multi tasker. I have Swagbucks running,whenever I’m working online (hey I just earned 20 Swagbucks while writing thisw post), I  have it running if I’m cooking, watching the news etc.)
  • Save up your Swagbucks until you reach 2200 points, so that you can get the most for your earnings. This is the only rewards site, where I do not recommend cashing out as soon as you can.
  • Tell your friends about Swagbucks. 10 percent referral rewards add up over time, and it will get you to your gift cards faster.



As mentioned earlier, Swagbucks is our favorite online earnings sites, and we use our Swagbucks earnings to save up for Christmas and birthdays. Thanks to Swagbucks, we’ve not had to use our credit or debit card on Amazon for many years. This year is our 5th year at Swagbucks, and we have no regrets, the site has been amazing, and it has only gotten better over the years. Make sure to read through our Swagbucks guide above, and you will surely love Swagbucks too.


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