Aug 282015

We are big on recycling in the Frugality Is free family, and we love the Recyclebank program. They reward us points for our curbside recycling every week and gives us extra points for learning about recycling. This means that every two months or so we can redeem for a $10 JCPenney gift card, plus we get lots of $3/$30 Publix coupons too.

Adidas shorts clearance

Our oldest son is turning 13 in a few weeks, and he is now wearing size 18 in pants and shorts, because he is so tall. So, this week I decided to see if I could find a pair of long basketball shorts for him, and I lucked out. JCPenney had a bunch of NIKE and ADIDAS clothing on clearance, but the coupons usually don’t work on the brand name clothing, so I decided to use the $10 JCPenney gift card from Recyclebank. As an extra bonus, the coupon did not exclude ADIDAS, so I even had money left over for next time.

Our JCPenney Coupon Trip:

Adidas Basketball Shorts on JCPenney clearance at $9.99 – 15 percent off JCPenney coupon = $8.49 (Original price $20)

Tax $0.51

Total out of pocket $0

Total saved $21.20


We also earned points toward gift cards with the ShopKick App


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