Aug 212015

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We didn’t really do a whole lot of shopping this week, but that’s because there was no time. Our kids had all of their back-to-school orientations this week, and this morning we headed to the elementary school orientation.

It is always such an exciting time, and the kids wereeager to see which teachers they got, and if their friendsw ere in their classes. Our two youngest sons made it into the gifted program, which is very exciting for us, as it means a very different school experience and less chance of trouble. This also means that our middle son is in the same class as his best friends since kindergarten, and our youngest son is just excited about having his older brother’s old teacher, because she is awesome.

There were no need to do any back-to-school shopping, because the bags were already packed, and we dropped them off at the meet and greet this morning.

I will admit that I kept on thinking about how wonderful it’s going to be shopping with one kid next week, shopping with four kids in two sure makes it a big hassle. Other than that the kids have been pretty good this summer, and I’ve not gone crazy. In fact, the summer has gone by much faster than I ever expected.


Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?



Feel free to share your Friday finals at the Weekly Savings Linky below. How did you do?

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Weekly Spendings For A Family of 6 $80.71

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  2 Responses to “Friday Finals – Last Week With 4 Kids In Tow – Saved $127!”

  1. That is so nice that he gets his brothers teacher and for having his best friend in his class! I think that makes such a huge difference for them its comforting and makes school more enjoyable at least with mine.

    Shopping with 1 is so much easier for sure! I dreaded taking my 3 with me during the summer, the whining and complaining was enough to drive me crazy over the summer lol.

    Sounds like it will be a great year for everyone, especially your youngest gets their mommy back. Mine truly enjoyed having me all to himself. He used to get upset when it was a holiday and they were home. I remember him asking me last year for winter break when do the big kids go back to school its very loud here now. LOL kids!

  2. I think the first week was the hardest on my little one, because there was so much chaos all the time. By now she’s gotten used to it, and she gladly partakes in the craziness. Just this evening they had a sit up competition, and she was all for it:)

    I so need the girl time though, because she is becoming a little too used to the roughness.

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