Aug 092015

This week is tax free week in Florida, and even though we do not specifically shop during tax free week, we did end up buying more at Office Depot than usual.

Office Depot Back To School Coupon Deals

Last week we received a $10 off $40 Office Depot coupon, so we decided to finally get the electric sharpener we needed, and we got a 32 GB flash drive for our older son. He is in a special Microsoft magnet program so he needs the flash drive for school, but since it is such a big purchase he will get it as a birthday present. His birthday is right after school starts, so it is perfect timing.

Our two youngest sons have an extensive school supply list, but our oldest son does not get his supply requests until the first week of class, when each teacher usually sends home a list of things needed. This makes it difficult to shop, but I still try to get some of the things ahead of time, as it costs too much at full price.

The printer paper costs $3 this week, and I might end up going back for more, as this is a great stock up price. We need at least 6 reams of printer paper for the kids school supply lists, but it is also a great time to stock up for the rest of the year, plus our elementary school usually requests more printer paper around Christmas time.



Office Depot Back To School Deals:

Xacto Electric Pencil Sharpener $19.29

Lexar 32 GP Jump Drive on sale at $9.99

2 x 1 gallon freezer bags on sale at $1 each = $2

3 x 4 Packs of Ballpoint Pens on sale at $1 each = $3

4 Pack of My First Ticorandoga Big Pencils w/sharpener $3.49

3 x Pocket Folders on sale at $0.01 each when you spend $5+

3 x Loose Filler Paper on sale at $0.01 each when you spend $5+

4 x Office Depot Printer Paper 400 ct on sale at $3 each- $12



Total out of pocket $39.83

Total saved $81.55


You can always find our latest back to school sales deals here, plus don’t forget to get your $25 to shop for free with free shipping at our favorite online consignment store.

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