Sep 222015

It is rare that we stop by Walmart, but I was hoping to find Power Rangers toys on clearance for our youngest son, so with a $10 Walmart gift card from Ibotta in my wallet, I decided to check out the Walmart toy clearance sale.

Walmart toy clearance leapfrog and Vtech

Walmart sure had some great toy clearance deals. I’ve been watching the toy clearance for a while, and this week the toy clearance had been collected on two tables, and there was lots to choose between, some at great prices and some at not so great prices. I did not find the Power Rangers clearance, but I found lots of VTech clearance and Leapfrog clearance.

I even found $1 Leapfrog and $1 VTech game clearance, how great is that? I picked up some great deals for our daughter for Christmas.  There were more games, but the boy games were not as cheap or the levels were too easy for our sons. We still have the Leapsters from the boys, and Bellamy Blue is just beginning to play with them. We only have boy games though, so she’s going to be excited to havegirly Leapster and Vtech games.

Click CTRL + left mouse click to see an enlargement of the collage below.

Walmart Toy Clearance Sale

There were two tables filled up with clearance toys, most of them at 50 – 70 percent off, and this might be a great time to find something good for the holiday season. There were lots of Disney toys including Frozen, lots of LEGO, Airhog and much much more. While you might not find the same deals as we did at our South Florida Walmart store, you are likely to find similar deals, so go take a look at your local store.

This was the perfect way to stretch our $10 gift card from Ibotta.

Walmart toy clearance leapfrog and Vtech


Our Walmart Toy Clearance Deals:

Leapster Rapunzel Game on Walmart toy clearance at $1 (Original price $24.99)

VTech Innotab Minnie Mouse game on Walmart toy clearance at $4 (Original price $24.99)

VTech Innotab Winnie The Poo game on Walmart toy clearance at $4 (Original price $24.99)

Cinderella MagiClip Carry Bag on Walmart toy clearance at $3.50 (Original price $10.99)



Total $12.50

Minus  Walmart Gift Card from Ibotta cash back mobile app

Total out of pocket $2.50

Total saved $73.46 + $10 In Gift Card Savings


Did you find any great Walmart toy clearance lately?


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  1. My husband and I are both now struggling as we have both worked for 40yrs but are now disabled. I saw from a search on a lego site that Walmart sold lego.I wondered if you ever sell things over here in the uk.thankyou.

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