Sep 042015

$5 Skechers

This morning I treated myself to a shopping trip to the outlet mall without the boys for the first time ever. It was such a treat just to be shopping with my little girl, because whenever I have the boys with me, we only visit a few stores before we head to the playground. On the top of my shopping list was a pair of size 2 shoes for our youngest son.

We made it to the mall just before it opened, and the first store we went into was Famous Footwear. I almost skipped it, simply because it is usually above our budget, but something pulled me in. I headed straight to the back to browse the clearance racks, and that’s where I spotted a $5 sign! $5 Skechers! Was that even possible. And the shoes were a size 2 1/2! I brought the shoes up to check with the employee, and sure enough the Skechers were on clearance at $5…..and they still had plenty of light in them too.


Our Famous Footwear Deal:

Skechers Boys Shoes on clearance $5 (Original price $49.99)

Tax $0.30

Total out of pocket $5.30

Total saved $52.99


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