Sep 302015

ALDI Clearance

I love, love, love finding ALDI clearance, and today our usual manager was back, which means things are are being clearanced and organized. It’s amazing, whenever this one manager isn’t there, things get disorganized quickly, but as soon as he comes back things get back to normal. Now, clearance varies from store to store, but it never hurts to check your local ALDI store for clearance.

So today, I took advantage of lots of ALDI clearance deals, and I found goodies for the kids to bring back to their teacher. We live in an extremely poor school district, and the teachers need all the help they can get. One of my shopping missions is to bring in snacks for the teachers to give out (otherwise, they actually buy snacks for the kids themselves). We might not have a big grocery budget, but if I get creative I can find some great deals, and my kids are so excited whenever they can bring something back to their classmates. These bags of chips will surely get them riled up…and at $2.75 I could not pass them by.

Our youngest kids are in school from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day, and they need an afternoon snack. Almost all the kids qualify for free breakfast and lunch at the school, but they also have an extra hour of teaching, because of poor reading levels in the school. Our middle son has lunch at 10 a.m., and there sure is a long way to go before 3 p.m.

Of course we also stocked up big time on all the regular goodies and ALDI produce deals. ALDI is the only place I can shop at, where I am positively surprised at the register.

Our kids actually ask me. “Are you going to ALDI today?” Because, they know that an ALDI trip means lots of good food. Our two-year-old daughter comes to me in the beginning of each weeks and ask for grapes. If we’ve run out of grapes, which we usually do by Monday, then she says. “Shop at ALDI, get grapes.” I find it amazing that even kids as little as 2 years old, gets the value of ALDI shopping. There used to be a time before ALDI here in South Florida, and back then we ate a lot less fruits and veggies and a lot more pasta.



How has ALDI changed the way you shop?


ALDI Clearance:

4 x 20 Pack Chips on ALDI clearance at $2.75 each

5 x Bags of Mini Bagels on ALDI clearance at $0.19 each

2 x Bags of Churrus on ALDI clearance at $0.49 each

2 x Lactose Free Milk @$2.79 each

1 gallon 2% Milk @ $2.89

Large Eggs $2.49

3 lbs Sweet Potat0es $1.29

2 lbs Sweet Onions $0.99

Iceberg Lettuce $1.29

Butternut Squash $1.79

Eggplant $1.79

Fresh Asparagus $2.99

2 x Baby Bella Musrooms @ $0.99

Cucumber $0.49

2.09 lbs of Bananas $0.92 – $0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51

3 lbs Fuji Apples $2.79

1 lbs Red Grapes $2.99

Blackberries $1.89

Raspberries $1.99

2 x Instant Oatmeal @ $1.49 each



Total out of pocket $52.36

Total saved $50 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)

– $0.25 Cash Back from Checkout 51



I submitted my ALDI receipt to Checkout 51 and to Receipt Hog to earn rewards – you can too. Download the receipt hog app here on your phone, and enter code: yah54683 to get extra spins at the Hog Slots and earn more rewards.

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