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Free Clothes For Kids Sale


It does not happen often that we pay for shopping online, but this week Schoola has a sale so great that I could not wait to go shopping – even without any credit in my account. Schoola Not only do you get free shipping, but you also get 50 percent off! Plus, if you check the items with an exclamation mark, these are items from the Warehouse sale, which means they’ve already been reduced.

All of the items I found below, had previously been selling in the $6 – $10 category, and look at the prices now – the prices listed are before 50 percent off.

Now, if you have not shopped at Schoola before, make sure to check out my tip list below to see how you can get $25 to shop for, plus free shipping and the extra 50 percent off discount.



Schoola final september 6Schoola final september 7Schoola Sale

$425 worth of clothes for $26!

Our three boys will be attending new schools with no uniforms next year, and Schoola has been my number one place to get them a nice school appropriate wardrobe. Our boys like wearing button-down shirts and polos, and the schools they’ll be attending is in a beach community, so I have been shopping lots of surfer brands at amazing prices. Our oldest son just turned 13, and he is wearing size 16/18 in shirts, and pants are whole different ballgame, because he is tall and skinny. He has had a huge growth spurt this past year, but thanks to Schoola I’ve been able to keep him clothed on a very small budget. I had a lot more button-down shirts in my cart, but they were snatched up before someone else, before I managed to check out….so don’t let your things linger in your cart for too long, because someone else might end up buying them before you do. At Schoola clothes go quickly…especially at these prices.

I picked up a bunch of skirts for myself, because all the exercise is paying off. I rarely shop retail for myself, and it is just amazing what you can find second hand, if you just look carefully. I only choose good or new condition items, and the descriptions at Schoola are always on point.

Now, get your $25 to shop for below, and start shopping – if this is your first time shopping  at Schoola you get to shop for free!

How To Shop For Free at Schoola:

  1. Sign up for Schoola here and get $15 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually make a purchase we get $15 to shop for too)
  2. Then go to the Custom Collections and create your own Custom Collection to get a $10 Schoola credit. Make sure you’re signed in with the account you’ve just created, and add one item to your check out cart from the collection to get your credit. (You do not need to buy this item)
  3. Go select the sizes you need, the brands you want, and then click low to high prices in the top right corner. Schoola even has a new-with-tag section. Shop for your $25 Schoola credit.
  4. In the sidebar you can choose the tab condition and just choose “new”, “good” and “perfect” for the best pieces of clothing.
  5. Don’t forget to check out the Warehouse sale. You can find a tab on the Schoola home page, or look for all items that has a ! by it.
  6. Use Schoola coupon code FALLINGPRICES (expires 9/30/2015) to get 50 percent off and get FREE shipping!
  7. If your total is less than your Schoola credit, you will have to add your credit information, if it is more than your credit amount you can pay with Paypal or debit/credit.
  8. Tell your friends about this deal, and get $15 if they decided to shop for their $25 Schoola credit too!


We have shared this deals with lots of friends and readers, and so many have already gotten their free clothes. If you have already shopped through Schoola with your $25 shopping credit, you can still use coupon code FALLINGPRICES (expires 9/30/2015) to get 50 percent off and FREE shipping, and the coupon code works for more than just their baby collection.

Where does all the clothes come from? School receives all the clothes from schools and parents, and they give 40 percent off all profits back to school programs. You can also send in your own clothes, and choose which school you want the profits to go to. From our purchase, $10.75 went to schools.

This is a great time to find winter jackets, and shopping out of season will get you some great deals. You can also check out the new with tag section, and don’t forget to browse Schoola for something for yourself.

If you have any questions about how to shop for free, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. You can always find our latest freebies in the top navigation bar under FREEBIES or SHOP FOR FREE.

Did you find something at Schoola?


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  1. $6 – $10??? That’s amazing, less than the price of a burger in a diner. I have to check this out! It’s totally astounding that it only cost you $26 for $425 worth of clothes – I have to send this link to my daughter, for sure!!!!

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