Sep 302015

Target kids clothes clearance

Our boys are so used to second-hand clothes, since we can usually get it free or for pennies, so when they get brand-new clothes it is an extra treat. Most new clothes are saved for birthdays and Christmas, but sometimes they get to get it just because. Today I found amazing Target clothes clearance for kids at our local South Florida Target store. If you want to see how we shop for free, check out this post to get your own free shopping credit while it last.

I have been watching the clearance price on some polo shirts that I was hoping our boys could wear for their Christmas photo. These shirt had been stuck on clearance at $4 for a while, but today I found them at $2.40 each, plus there were so many that I found one in each boys’ size.

I also found loads of tights for women on clearance, and I picked out a few for our “winter” here in South Florida.

There’s also some great kids shoe clearance going on, with a 25 percent off extra Target Cartwheel discount, but I decided to pass. This offer expires today.

Target clothes clearance

Our Target Clearance Deals:

7 x Cherokee Polo Shirts on Target clearance at $2.40 each

2 x Xhilaration Tights for Women on Target clearance at $1.80

Merona Tights on Target clearance at $3 – (20 percent off Target Cartwheel discount) = $2.40

1 x Crunch Girl Scouts Bars on Target clearance at $1.48 each

3 x Quaker Oatmeal To Go Boxes on Target clearance at $1.47 each


Minus $0.10 Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $1.45


Total out of pocket $30.04

Total saved $65.26



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