Oct 222015

$2 Barnes and Noble Clearance Sale

We love the $2 Barnes & Noble clearance sale also known as the red dot sale. Our oldest son loves to read, and between the library and used book stores he’s got lots of reading material. Still, once in a while, it is nice to get a used book, and this is what I used the $2 Barnes and Noble sale for.

Our son loves history, and he loves learning about air planes, so I am always on the look out on great books with lots of facts and details. We also found a couple of great kits, which will be used for birthday gifts.

$2 Barnes and Noble Clearance Sale

Our $2 Barnes & Noble Clearance Deals:

Magic Tree House Fact Tracker and Dinosaur Glow-in-the-Dark Model Kit on Barnes & Noble $2 Clearance (Original price $14.99)

P-51 Mustang Combat Missions on Barnes & Noble $2 Clearance (Original price $12.98)

Skies of WWII on Barnes & Noble on Barnes & Noble $2 Clearance (Original price $9.98)

Spitfire Life of the Legend Skies on Barnes & Noble $2 Clearance (Original price $12.98)

Global Warming Experiment Kit on Barnes & Noble $2 Clearance (Original price $34.95)


Tax $0.60

Total out of pocket $10.60

Total saved $80.43


Did you find any great deals at the Barnes & Noble red dot sale?

  2 Responses to “$2 Barnes & Noble Clearance – Red Dot Sale – Saved $80!”

  1. I will be buy this store tomorrow and I need to go there and look at all the discounted books. There looks like there is a big selection and in the past I have gotten some really good deals on books.

    • I hope you find something good Karen. There were two big tables full at our local B&N, and underneath were loads of puzzles.

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