Oct 102015

50 Off Scoola app

FIF dad’s birthday is coming up, and with very little notice he mentioned that he could need some new active wear for running. Letting him go shopping ruins our clothing budget, so I started looking. First at JCPenney then at Macy’s, Kohl’s, and even Burlington online, but the men’ sports shorts and tops were way above our budget even after coupons. Then I tried the local thrift store, but the selection was slim, and the prices were high.

Then I turned to Schoola. Right now you can get 50 percent off, if you shop through the IOS app, but we don’t have any Apple products. So, I did a little research, and I discovered that the OHBABY coupon code still works. It gives you 20 percent off and free shipping on orders of $25.

I browsed the Schoola website, and I found Nike shorts, in great condition, in his size for $9.77. Yes, it is a high price for used clothing, but that’s how it is at our thrift stores too when it comes to name brands, unless I find something on half days. Anyways, 20 percent off made the shorts $7.82. Now we were talking my budget. I browsed the site a little more, found a pair of dress pants in his size, on sale, which was also on his wish list for $6, and after the discount these were $4.80. I did a little research, and this brand is selling at $65 regular price at JCPenney making it down to the$35 range on sale. Then I browsed a little more and found two tops for him. Perfect! I had not reached the free shipping threshold, so I found a pair of basketball shorts for our oldest son at $3.12 after the coupon code.

Now, to top it off, I had $15 in Schoola credit from one of our readers shopping for free, which meant that I ended up paying $8.08 out of pocket.


Schoola october order

My husband is not picky when it comes to brands, and he does not mind second-hand clothes, in fact all of his work clothes has been bought second hand. Still, he likes to dress nice, and thanks to Schoola I can give him a nice wardrobe at my budget.


How To Shop For Free at Schoola:

  1. Sign up for Schoola here and get $15 to shop for. (This is our referral link – if you sign up, see what you like and actually make a purchase we get $15 to shop for too)
  2. Then go to the Custom Collections and create your own Custom Collection to get a $10 Schoola credit. Make sure you’re signed in with the account you’ve just created, and add one item to your check out cart from the collection to get your credit. (You do not need to buy this item)
  3. Go select the sizes you need, the brands you want, and then click low to high prices in the top right corner. Schoola even has a new-with-tag section. Shop for your $25 Schoola credit.
  4. In the sidebar you can choose the tab condition and just choose “new”, “good” and “perfect” for the best pieces of clothing.
  5. Don’t forget to check out the Warehouse sale. You can find a tab on the Schoola home page, or look for all items that has a ! by it.
  6. Shop through the IOS Schoola App and get a coupon code to get 50 percent off (To find the code just scroll down the app homepage and use the code at checkout. )
  7. Or use coupon code OHBABY to get 20 percent off and free shipping on orders of $25+ (before credits)
  8. If your total is less than your Schoola credit, you will have to add your credit information, if it is more than your credit amount you can pay with Paypal or debit/credit.
  9. Tell your friends about this deal, and get $15 if they decided to shop for their $25 Schoola credit too!

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