Oct 022015

$5 Payless Shoes

All Payless clearance shoes (the once with the red sticker) are on sale at $5 each from now on until October 5th. Now use the $10 off $25 Payless coupon to get them for $3 each! You heard me right, $3 for new shoes!

If you don’t have a printer, you can always text PAYLESS to 747474 to get a 20 pecent off Mobile coupon, this would make a pair of shoes $4.


We spotted plenty of girls and some women’s clearance, but not much for boys, at least not for the bigger ones. Bellamy Blue loves shoes, so it’s my mission to find lots of great shoes at great prices for her. Dressing a princess on a budget is a full-time job, but deals like this one sure makes it easy. I always have an updated list of what shoes our kids have on my phone, this way I can see which sizes they need or what they already have. We buy sizes ahead, and pull out shoes when it’s time to switch up a size, this way I never have to pay full price.


$5 Payless Clearance

Check out our Payless Clearance Deals:

American Eagle Women Shoes on Payless clearance at $5 (Original price $29.99)

Pink Mini Mouse Sandals on Payless clearance at $5 (Original price $19.99)

Pink Disney Princess Sandals on Payless clearance at $5 (Original price $19.99)

Pink Champion Sneakers on Payless clearance at $5 (Original price $29.99)

Liv & Maddie Pink Glitter Shoes on Payless clearance at $5 (Original price $29.99)



Sub Total $25

Minus $10 off $25 Payles coupon

Total out of pocket $15

Total saved $114.95



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