Oct 022015

Kohls clearance


We only had a 15 percent off mobile Kohl’s coupons, but we had a $10 Kohl’s gift cards from Swagbucks, which certainly helped a lot.

Our Kohl’s Clearance Deals:


3 x Urban Pipeline Button-Down Shirt on Kohl’s clearance at 4.08 each (Original price $24 each)


-Minus 15 percent off Kohl’s coupon

– Minus $10 Kohl’s Gift Card from Swagbucks


Tax $0.73

Total out of pocket $2.97

Total saved $73.35


You can always find our latest Kohl’s clearance deals in the top navigation bar under the CLEARANCE tab.

  3 Responses to “Earn Kohl’s Gift Cards & Stretch Them At The Clearance Racks”

  1. i dont mean to sound stupid i am signed up for swagbucks but how does it work thanks

  2. Carrie, the only stupid questions are the ones we don’t ask! I completely get why you ask.

    You earn Swagbucks for doing simple tasks, but some are easier to do than others.

    Here’s a link to a post I did in the spring:

    Some of the things have changed locations, because they did a rewamp of the site this summer, but what I do is more or less the same.

    It really is amazing how much you can earn at Swagbucks. I earn about 50 – 150 Swagbucks a day by doing the things mentioned in the post, with no active referrals and without doing sign up offers.

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